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# 1 Belt Problem
10-22-2010, 10:35 AM
Since the addition of the remodeled Wrath of Kahn belt, there are two problems that are occurring.

Firstly, when using the Mirror Universe sash, the color selector for the top does not match the color selector for the bottom flapping piece. The top uses the Standard color chart for uniforms, while the bottom uses the Correct Advanced selector. This makes it impossible to match the colors between the two parts properly.

Please fix this so that the top uses the Advanced selector, not the other way around. The reason for this is that the Mirror Universe Sash can also be used as the Vulcan Pon farr Trial Sash if it can be colored purple, which is not available on the Standard color selection. It can also be used as various other costume sash additions if it can be colored a wider variety of colors.

Among my crews I have gold, purple and red versions of that sash and now I can't alter them because of this change.

Secondly, the colors set for the Belt colors with it's current selector seem to be linked to the Glove colors. If you change the Belt the Gloves change. If you change the Gloves the Belt changes.

Fixing it so the Belt used the Advanced color selector (as it did before) would fix this problem as well.

Thank you.

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Posts: 120
Just ran into this issue here myself. I've got a uniform with the MU Sash and I can no longer edit it (to my satisfaction) due to the color palette being 'broken' on the upper (belt) portion of the sash. It really needs to be set to use the full-range palette as it used to. (The uniform palette doesn't even work really, given the way the color selection only 'tints' the underlying color.) Please fix this so we can properly tint the sash upper portion as the lower is now.

(Filed a bug report in Ticket #995,056.)

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