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Hi All !

I am Vice Admiral on a Star Cruiser. I read a lot about the efficient impulse engines, given by the mission: past imperfect ! I`ve been sad because during levelling i missed this item because decided to take another one, i didn`t know that i am going to need it later in game. Now i`d like to have these engines because of the power boost to all systems, this would give me the opportunity to use one engineering console for other things, not for weapon power, which i want to stay at 125 !
Because this item is bound on pickup it`s not at the exchange and i`m not able to mail it from my newer character.
So what can i do to get these efficient engines ? I tried to team up with someone in lower Tier, that still had to do the mission. So i`ve been able to redo the mission. But i got no rewards ! Is it normal ?
Are there other possibilities to get the engines ?

Plz help ;-)

P.S.: i know, the engines are not very essential, right now i have very rare combat impulse engines Mk10. But it is an interesting possibility to lose a little bit of impulse speed and have more power !
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10-26-2010, 02:21 PM
They are nice at the lower tiers, but the power boost is not worth the drop in speed and turn rate at MK10 stuff.

Anyways, it doesn't matter, since there is no way of getting those engines if you've already done the mission. You get reduced rewards (Skill points, BOff points, Merits) and no item rewards when you redo an already completed mission.
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10-26-2010, 02:28 PM
ok, theiy said it sometime will be possible to redo missions on your own, does anybody know, when this is going to be possible ?

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