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As the thread title says, i was wondering about a few different missions, and more importantly, how they would work together.

A war in space is not just some place you fly yer ship to and join in the fight, its fighting for certain strategic locations, minerals, construction, or just plain manpower. What i am proposing is that we add (or change) some of the fleet actions to gain bonusses from people doing missions related to them (view title) clearing out supply lines from raiders (the enemy force in question or just pirates) making new trade arrangements with neighbouring planets for minerals, diplomacy to make them change to your side if they were your enemy and have ears for you (say if yer diplomacy rating is high enough they wont shoot you before you speak)

what we would end up with is a sort of .... giant spider ... if you will ... with each leg being a different aspect of what is required to wage war. all interconnected to the main body (the fleet action itself)

you could have a whole number of missions covering a whole lot of things that certain people might enjoy. Those that hate fighting and want to do diplomacy could get new contracts going with planets nearby to arrange supplies, or get more people to the front (in the form of that nation/planets npc ships on yer side).

The more violent and straight to the point people who play might rather want to join the main fight, or run security around supply lines.

Other options would be to have people act as just plain transports, moving supplies/troops etc from staging area's to the front. Or do ground combat.

Im sure there are more detailed threads around about this, and people would probably just view this as "open pvp" .. but it doesnt have to be.


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