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# 1 Dear STO Dating Site...
10-31-2010, 06:41 PM

I'd never thought I'd find myself in this situation so I need some advice. I'm a career star-fleet officer. I captain a cruiser with an average record.

Recently I have fallen in love with my first officer. The problem is she is a Vulcan and I am a human. Now, I understand these pairings have worked out in the past before but frankly I never understood how. You see, I cant read her because of the whole Vulcan no-emotion thing going on. So how do I approach her?

She is on my away team and recently during a heated battle our hands accidentally touched. Our eyes met briefly and I thought for a moment I saw something there...but then it was back to the shooting.

So how do I approach a Vulcan chick? Any advice would be helpful.


Neo, Captain

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