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# 1 Requisition Request
11-03-2010, 06:49 PM

From: Vice Admiral CrustyMac
To: Starfleet Command - Logistics


Good Morning:

As you should be aware from my extensive and troubling personnel file, I have embarked on a career based on the influence of the esteemed Ambassador Spock. Specifically, I have completed and exceeded the recommended Starfleet course to become a Federation Ambassador, and subsequently have been running covert operations under the auspices of Section 31.

Additionally, a review of my medical record will reveal that I am now fitted with a bionic eye due to a particularly nasty incident involving my away team and a particularly aggressive group of Hirogen.

In order to complete certain covert missions, it is necessary to pose as a mercenary captain, or even as a civilian of my species, Saurians. Posing as a common mercenary or civilian, it is necessary to divest myself of any Federation or other advanced technology. Hence my bionic eye becomes a liability.

A simple solution would be to don an eye patch, since I really don't want to run around with a gaping hole in my face. Upon trying to requisition said eye patch, I am told by Federation tailors that none are available. Therefore, I am requesting the addition to my wardrobe of one eye patch, plain.

It would be equally useful to have some headgear to accompany my mercenary gear as you are obviously aware that my species are as bald as a hoverball. Please consider these requisition requests for all current and future off duty uniforms.

Respectfully submitted,
Vice Admiral CrustyMac
USS Razorback

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