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# 1 Stacking consoles
11-06-2010, 10:08 PM
I know this has been discussed several times, so please excuse the repeated topic....

I'm still not clear on wheither or not and how consoles stack. I use phaser-based weapons (cannons and beams), and have a Phaser Relay console and a Directed Energy Distribution Manifold. Do these consoles compliment each other, or does one override the other?

If they compliment each other, or stack, then does this mean if I use two Phaser Relays I double the benefit?

How many can you stack? For example, can I use three or four phaser relays and gain any benefit, or is there a level of dimishing returns?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers!
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# 2
11-09-2010, 11:59 AM
See below.
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# 3
11-09-2010, 12:27 PM
Here you go:

1) Phase Dual Heavy Cannons:

Base: 876
Equip 1 Mk XI Prefire Chamber (+22): 940 DPS
Equip 2 Mk XI Prefire Chamber (+22): 1005 DPS

Base: 876
Equip 1 Mk XI Phaser Relay (+22): 940 DPS
Equip 2 Mk XII Phaser Relay (+22): 1005 DPS

Equip 1 of each: 1070 DPS
Equip 2 of each: 1135 DPS

2) RCS Accelerators, Mk XI (32% turn rate each)

Engine power 113/100

Base: 15.1
Equip 1 RCS: 16.8
Equip 2 RCS: 18.4
Equip 3 RCS: 20.0
Aux to Dampenders II: 27.6
Evasive Maneuvers stacked: 44.7

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