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After watching several tutorials and browsing through this forum, I'm still looking for a few things to make some parts of my questline as realistic as possible. I'm aware that some things are just not present yet and I'll have to be creative to circumvent that (for now) ! But then again, by just simply asking I hope to get the answers I need for the things that DO work! (-:

I would like to know the following:
a) Is it possible to make a friendly NPC appear in the same space map (i.e. warp in, or move) after a certain dialogue has been triggered? If so, how?
b) Is it possible to make an NPC contact turn hostile? If so, how?
c) Is it possible to disable an NPC contact that turned hostile (instead of killing him)? This would then trigger the next part of the quest.
d) Is it possible to make a friendly NPC contact follow you, or follow a pre-set path (i.e. in space) and fight with you against enemy NPC groups?
e) Can you set up patrol waypoints for enemy NPC groups in space?

Many thanks in advance!
Lt. Commander
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01-08-2011, 06:23 AM
Short answer is No to all of the above.

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