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I think your *starting to head in the right direction with this game. Adding the weekly episodes has been a nice move, opening up more area to the Klingons is sounding promising and even it sounds like the design team is taking a direction I think this game needs to keep it feeling unique.

Content (non-mission things you should keep doing well)
- Making weapons that level with you, or are unique.
- Making all new ships/refits. Get out of this "category" (sci/escort/cruiser) concept and only make higher level ships with their own unique abilities. (adds variety to the endgame)

I can agree with this thought process, in fact, if you keep adding ships with unique abilities you bring layers upon layers of variety. I would like to see all the ships Tier 5 at some point with their own unique ability. This would bring PvP to a new level of fun, and if you had Open PvPish Fleet Actions, this would make for some insanely fun and unique endgame.

Star Wars Galaxies did a great job originally of giving you an endgame character with some variety, which made sure not everyone was the same thing, and there was far less complaining then because there was such a high level of diversity.

Now if you can transfer that over to the ground game as well, I think you can grow this game.

Imagine - 20 different ships, with their own unique skillset vs PvE or PvP.... That sounds like a battle worth staying around for IMO.

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