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Would like to see some interior missions in the game that are given by your bridge officers. Mabe a few that are based off their race and class.

To start with, could be like a get to know them type mission. Like check on a member of the family that is in trouble or someone they know has made a discovery and needs assistance. They could be a chain of missions that once complete grant that bridge officer a special ability for their race/class combination so they will be varied and unique.

And would like to see a migration for traveling to be done while in your ship interior. At least to some locations, mabe for the BO missions.

Where the place you are heading you have to get their in a hurry. (medical assistance, under attack or natural event requires evac) While in transit you could encounter a random entity that causes problems on your ship to either crew or equipment. You would have to make decisions on repair priority.( would affect ship performance , crew ability, and travel time).

Once you arrive at the desitnation your choices would affect the mission so you could have multiple outcomes. Mabe you couldn't save everyone cause you took too long to arrive or can't beam people out in time cause the ship is not at top efficency or your medical staff is not at full capacity due to their injuries. Mabe you couldn't even complete the mission cause your ship was too damage to repel attackers, or just took way too long. Or possibly you can complete it at 100% from making all the right choices while combating the problem on the ship while in transit.

Really hope you guys are looking to head it a direction simmilar to this cause I really want more depth form a star trek game.
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11-17-2010, 08:49 AM
Agreed. I would love to see some "personal" mission stories crop up at random. You could get a message from your officer asking to meet you in the diplomatic suite or your quarters and then take the mission by meeting with them and off you go. It could even lead to something like a science officer noting some erratic behavior in an engineering officer and eventually leads to finding a pinhole reality rupture in your engineering section and a Devidian invasion team coming through, etc.

Since we will be able to build our own missions soon I hope ship interiors are allowable locations.
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# 3 interior missions
11-18-2010, 06:41 AM
I hope to make some with the new UGC system. When go online no one knows.

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