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I would like tio make a few suggestions regarding ships and their functionality.

1) It would cool to see characters start with lower level ships such as the classic Hermes clas destroyers and similar or smaller type ships such as escorts rather than jumping into cruisers as ensigns and lieutenants.

2) I also wonder why there is an option to sell back ships but you cannot use this feature when you click on it. It would be ideal if this worked and maybe characters recieved have the price of the ships once used.

3) It would also be nice if the ships crew's uniforms match those of the captains and BO's. It seems so out of place when you walk around your ship.

4) lastly i think it would be really cool if each ship had a captains cabin where players could use doing things such as promotion, BO's profiles, checking emails, and other functions in relation to our main characters, BO's and ships.
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
11-05-2010, 10:04 AM
1: You need to keep in mind that you're jumping into Cruisers classes that are more then a century old. Starfleet isn't giving you good ships at Lt or even Lt Cmdr. They're giving you their outdated clunkers. From their 25th century perspective those are the lower level ships.

2: All of your primary ships are given to you for free. You're not paying for them, and thus shouldn't be able to sell them back. There's some suggestions that you might be able to sell-back the T3 Neb and Excelsior in the future for half price just like other gear but there's been no formal information about that.

3: I believe that's something Cryptic is working on implementing in the future.

4: The Captain does have a Ready Room and formal bedroom. I would think most ceremonies would be handled on the Ship's Ten Foward, just as it was handled in TNG when Jellico was given formal command of the Enterprise D. As for mail and such things, I can see it being added to the ship but there also needs to be reasons to go back to the various Starbases. The more function you give the ship (Mail, Healing, Repairs, Bank Access, etc) the less reason you have to be in the game's social areas.
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11-05-2010, 11:24 AM
technically the Miranda's a Frigate, not a cruiser.

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