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I was wondering if the addition of a game feature on explorations would be a welcome addition. Right now Ambassadorial missions consist of running from one random exploration mission to another. Not as bad if you have the Excelsior Rerofit. Anyhow, I was wondering if the game design would allow for diplomatic solutions.

Here's an example:

You beam to a planet to check on downed transmitters, and apparently hostiles are the ones interefering with the technology and making life difficult for the planet's inhabitants. The normal solution is blast them. But what if the leader had an icon over their head that allowed for cease fire (this could be a communicator icon that allowed you to commmunicate from a distance and out of firing range). If he agrees you approach the leader and begin a typical first contact interaction. If you are successful, all other hostiles will no longer be enemies. This event should also gain you ambassador points. You'll still have to repair the downed trasmitters, but you will not be attacked.

The other sulition is just ignor the icon and go in and blast if ambassadorial mission's aren't your bag. The advantage of diplomatic solutions would be that you can reactivate the remaining transmiters undeterred by hostiles and achieve ambassador credit for what would have been just a blast 'em mission. The downside is if you are going for a diplomatic solution you won't be getting any loot, just ambassador points.

Also if you are unsucessfull in negotiations you go immidiately into combat and by now you're surrounded and outflanked. If anything, this could make for some interesting game play and feel a lot more like dealing with the Star Trek Universe much like we see on the show.
Lt. Commander
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11-05-2010, 12:55 PM
This is something they're looking into as a possible inclusing in future Season updates.

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