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# 1 The 91st Expeditionary Force
11-06-2010, 08:04 AM
Hello, i am Alexbond45 One of the Recruiters for the 91st Expeditionary Force
Website Link--><--Website Link
The 91st Expeditionary force is a CHRISTAIN fleet, we are also a casual fleet, open for RPers and Raids alike, we have a 4 man command structure atm, so sorry if your just REALLLLY wanting command, but we cannot, for now, the ratio of Command to members will be 1:30, but we dont even have too many members.

If you want to join, remember that this is a christian fleet, and we act like one.

Dont go around trashing this thread, either

To contact me in game, just say /tell @Alexbond45, or say /tell @Craig-Hill, @Joebobkill, and @Royalsloan
the other 3 are the admirals

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