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11-14-2010, 10:18 AM
Good Morning friends, family and players' abroad.

This morning as I was getting my coffee and checking mail, my top Branch officer brought it to my attention that there are still those that insist on trying to screw other new player's by stealing from fleet vaults. I offer the following excerpt from our fleet forum and PM register:


re: Lt. Fleet Bank robbed this weekend
New postby Morella sutai-Gorkon on 14 Nov 2010 03:51 am
Copy of PM to Chancellor:

Very odd behavior from Zachary Carter@AdmiralMoon.

I was over at Tribble and switched when I realized that I had a mail from Donna@buff88. She indicated the Fleet Bank had been robbed and @AdmiralMoon had left the fleet. When I got there Ravenblade was the only character on. Ravenblade was enjoying new rank, so I didn't bother him with it.

I confirmed the bank log activity and checked the Fleet Bank directly. The Lieutenant tab was wiped. Donna didn't mention if she had tried to contact @AdmiralMoon or not. So I looked for him and he wasn't online from what I could tell. If the player was smart, he place our ranks on ignore.

I replied to Donna and thanked her for the message. And to not let the matter prevent her from enjoying the fleet.

Morella sutai-Gorkon on 14 Nov 2010 04:54 am
I did some poking around the Captain's Database just for the hell of it.

For what it's worth, @AdmiralMoon has two characters listed currently:

Zachary Carter@AdmiralMoon (Fed-side)

KYVKVON'NEBULAE@AdmiralMoon (Klingon-side)

I immediately switched over to Mor'ella to see if he might have joined that fleet also. yejquv-Qo'noS looks alright. But I want to get word out on that side, too. Just in case.

What confused me was that the events for tlhIngan yejquv didn't indicate when Zachary Carter joined us. But his Captain's Database page indicate that he joined us the same day that he left.

Regarding fleet bank settings. Might we consider withholding it entirely from new players? IMO, it might be good to hold new players in the Da' cha'dich for one week. With no privileges beyond Fleet Chat. I don't care how nice they seem in Fleet Chat or groups. Granted the ******s can always wait a week and do the same thing. But at least we have one more measure in place.

I also think we need a News item for our frontpage. I can set it stay there as long as we want it. Character names can change. But the @name is forever. Short of blackballing them in the STO forum, we can direct other STO user's to our site to read it.

Chancellor Mogh on 14 Nov 2010 10:45 am
Yes hon, I am forced to agree with you. It seems to me that even though we try to afford people the kindness of giving them a home and a body to call friends, there is always going to be a few to screw things up and attempt to give a bad name to the rest of the new player's.

***** Effective Immediately: *****

All new players' will remain at lowest fleet rank for a period of not less than 1 Month and shall remain on probation for a period of not less than 60 days. This will give us the opportunity to observe how they interact and play activity.

All player's below the IC & Fleet rank of Captain shall shall have 0 access to withdraw privileges. If they need something from fleet vault, they can ask the Senior Charge Officer, Mor'ella [Fleet Staff Command] or Hov'wI [Fleet Admiral].


I will compose a Fleet Command Roster which will show the proper chain of Command on both sides. PLayer's will be expected to follow the chain of command from this point forward.

I will post this information regarding @AdmiralMoon to the STO forum to advise them to be aware. Thank you girls for your Vigilance and protecting Fleet interests.

As always Mor'ella, you have my consent to follow up with your recommendations for the front page News item honey. Thank you Donna & Mor'ella. All my love


Guys, I think we need to address these issues with STO. We have taken steps to include rank sorting restrictions per tab, <ie: Lt. tab only, Captain tab only; etc>. This has been effective in a vast way in preventing a great deal of losses, but everytime STO does a patch, there seems to be an issue where the fleet tabs revert to a default setting. IMO, this matter needs to be addressed and fixed by STO, insomuch as this takes time away from Fleet Administration in handling other matters of Fleet interests, it causes STO grief because Fleet Administrators have to go back and manually check the vaults to account for all equiptment and gear, then report the stolen items. STO, god willing; has to verify the report, then go back and replace the stolen items out of kindness and finally deal with the idiot who initially caused the mess to begin with.

We as the player's and Fleet Admin take alot of time in farming, and it is of my opinion that we should not have to babysit or constantly be forced to monitor the vault. I know it is a very large risk bringing in new people to a fleet, especially if you do not know them, but you also want to make other player's feel welcome to STO and allow them the same pleasures and enjoyments that we have as a fleet.

Administration Officers: Please post this information to your Fleets regarding the theft of @AdmiralMoon on both faction sides. Than you all for your friendship, love and attention.

B'etora Asidbor Mogh, Chancellor, VA.
tlhIngan yejquv

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