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Originally Posted by commanderdecker View Post
My problem is - they destroy the satellite first while keeping me busy - any tips (I'm a relatively new player)?
The idea is to make absolutely sure that you get their attention, that way they focus on you and not the satellite.

When the first two ships warp in, firing on one should be enough to get both of their attention. If not, make sure to manually target and attack the other.

When one's destroyed, a group of three smaller ships will warp in. Once again, break off combat with the current big ship (it'll keep firing at you regardless), and target one of the smaller ships. This should get all of their attentions

Then you just destroy all 4, preferably starting from small to large. It's fairly easy, as long as you use your powers well.
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As soon as one of the big ships gets to low hull, switch to the other one and kill it. That way, when wave 2 spawns, the remaining wave 1 ship will already be nearly dead. Works especially well with transphasics/plasma as you don't care if the shields regen.

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