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Hey gang,

I know that I have heard reasons why they can't just use the existing Orion, Nausican and Gorn ships for lower Tier ships. However, how hard would it be to make them available for players? The Klingons don't have nearly the variety of ships the Feds have. We now are getting some variety at the high end, but each of those races have ships for three other tiers. Even if they don't update the ship models to "player" quality, if they would just player versions with all the required back end tech, it would make life more interesting. I really like the Varanus, but I would also like to have flow Vishap, Zilant, and the other cool Gorn ships.

Please consider this to help out Klingon variety. I don't want anything fancy, just basic ships. Heck, they could just map them all the Battle Cruiser or Raptor stats and I would be happy.
(I think Nausicans would be raptors, Orions Cruisers and Gorn maybe Fed style science. Of course, that is another discussion...)

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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11-12-2010, 06:29 PM
realisticly it's the amount of customisation and lack of klink science ships thats the problem, not rly number of ships, they have quite a few, if not the same as feds then its vry close

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