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TO: All Interested Federation Officers and Personnel
FROM: Fleet Admiral Allahweh Felth
RE: Recruitment for the 16th Mobile Fleet
STARDATE: 88474.46

To whom this may concern:

The Sixteenth Mobile Fleet has been active long before the days of the Dominion Wars and has been sanctioned by Star Fleet to serve as a mobile defense unit, operating on the major fronts of our current multi-front wars. Although previously the fleet operated where needed (as is the nature of a mobile fleet), in recent years an administrative office was established for fleet command out at Deep Space K7. It is out of here that the day-to-day administrative matters are coordinated.

As we work on getting some new staff officers in place, we would like to welcome all officers and civilians from all walks of life that would like an exciting career out on the front lines to consider a transfer into our organization. We are always looking to fill new roles in the fleet, and thereby be able to serve Star Fleet and all its constituents as best as possible.

Please take this under consideration, and if you feel the call to serve, do not hesitate to contact me back,

~Allahweh Felth (Signed)
<<OOC Content follows>>

We are a relatively small, RP-oriented fleet that has in-game events with several allied fleets, conducts casual RP while playing the game, has a fun community (even with our own OOC channel for in-game talks), and we also do a lot of Forum-RP (for those with more pressed schedules).

Our current website/forums can be found below:

If you are interested in joining, please fill out our application that you will find in the forums, and do not hesitate to contact myself (@Allahweh) or our Chief of Staff (@Cerebus06).

Best wishes to all of you!

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