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11-14-2010, 09:40 PM
The mission was very good but not superior to "Everything Old is..". Is understandable given that the latter was excellent and that was expected to be very difficult to reach their level.

I think the reasons for the beam over aboard Drozana station rather than directly destroy the comet is not crazy. While we destroy the comet the Devidians could have killed everyone aboard and that action will drastically alter the timeline.

The puzzle seemed very good. A change of mood between two great combat sequences. I just wish they had more missions with that instead of "combat, combat and more combat."

The last part of the mission - the fight against the D-7 - was not bad but personally I found it a bit tedious. For my taste, the D-7 were too powerful and strong, taking into consideration that they are vessels of more than 150 years old. I also found the number of cruisers excessive. Maybe with only one group appearing in the sequence of destruction of the comet instead of several would have been better.

Anyway, great job Devs! It was an excellent Series!
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11-15-2010, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Borysthenis

Sorry to be such a downer.
Thanks for saving me the trouble of bothering with this episode. The rant it would have brought out of me would have been infraction-worthy.

Originally Posted by Ellri
And in the end it turns out we have a borg device onboard to get home with all along? Thats really lazy 'quick wrap this up' writing imo. How will the next one end? "It was all a dream"? Bleugh.

No, seriously, what.

Originally Posted by JohnBair
The Klingon D7.

Less advanced than the K't'inga class from the 2290s which was virtually incapable of harming the NCC-1701-D in 2365.

No match for an Intrepid-class starship in the 24th century.

But fully capable of destroying a Galaxy-class cruiser with 25th century equipment in the 23rd century.

Yup. Makes sense to me.
Yep, totally. Perfect sense.
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11-15-2010, 06:41 AM
I had spent an hour and a half trying to fly through the rings...till i finally got it. Honestly the way its set up, I couldnt see myself doing the last davidian mission with any other alts, just for the time sink factor. It reminds me of the CE all over again.

Thats saying a lot as I have the patience of a rock....but this mission broke me. It was a good mission generally, just a couple of the functions involved were too...not hard....but monatanous.

I had to use my brothers ship as a meat shield while I destroyed the comet.....there were just...too many...of them......gak!

Good story line, A+ for effort, Just really bad execution. I appreciate the work Cryptic puts into it I really do. Just this one kinda stunk due to being too difficult in execution of your objectives.

I will not be flying my alts through this for that very reason. The first prob. This one? Bleh
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11-15-2010, 06:59 AM
Well, for the Slingshot i used the Mouse to steer my ship, which came much more handier then shifting path with wasd-keys. But i first made the mission on advanced by accident and got my behind handed on a silverplate ^^ i died three or four times on the ground part and got blown 2 times in space. i interpreted the spacepart as NOT to shot at the klings at all, so it feeled like it "switched" my difficulty to "elite" for that part. but luckily i could outmaneuver the klings with omega3, evasive and aux2damp etc. pp. but i dropped the mission and startet it anew on normal. where the groundpart was not much this pain in the rear and the spacepart was easy business as pve 2me in a allpurpleship usually is on normal. but the fix-her-a-drink-story IS still stupid.
come on guys, riddles are funny, but in this EMERGENCY situation even starfleet can CONFISCATE things, am i right? cryptic, please rethink your missiondesigns for futuremissions about how much sense the story makes and how logical the needed actions are and how it all fits together. especially the part with the drink is worth a double facepalm in this mission...

my personal conclusion from this story? make her drunk, if you want somethin... :p
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11-15-2010, 07:02 AM
I actually didn't have an issue with the slingshot, I got it on the first try though it sounds like plenty had problems with it.

I completely agree with sentiments expressed about the drink puzzle. I thought it was a bit out of place. I think maybe a puzzle involving helping Scotty fix the station shields would be a better idea than figuring out what kind of drink some chick wants.

As for the final battle....I was in a Sovereign, and I got my butt handed to me seven times before I destroyed the comet completely. Now, granted, I didn't engage the D7's at all outside of the initial two because I didn't think that they would just keep coming! Come they did however, and as I said I broke my little ship seven times before I completed the mission.

Overall I just think this could have been done better. I would have liked to have seen another phaser bank as a reward as opposed to the ground weapons as well, but I'll find a use for them in some regard.
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11-15-2010, 07:10 AM
Tried all sorts of speeds and still get gooses . .so if you team only one has to ring?

if no accolades attached ..what's the dellio .. Beam me down

A member of RED Shirt Army Podcast had to try 39 times .. So its not only me..

If i were a drama queen id say this is the sound of all subscriptions ending when you cant get a normal low lvl destroyer escort to work right away here.. I tested too many Flight Sims and could fly inverted through a hanger
So as this is the last EPisode in the Saga .its something else about flight model control options we need to make it right.

I tell you this matter of fact. .the old Advert stage works here. .For every complaint you have 5-10 people that don't like it
They wont bother to complain in the attempt to work together and improve something..

They will just tell 10 friends its not fun and go to something else.

So too the Spoiler alert hit me with the whole mission also hinges on some Bartender Mini game Drink Mix for a lady at a bar?? I'd rather mix Smoothies for some Andromidian spiked with Comet Juice.

If Drake programmed the FLight controls for the Helm.. then he;s trying to get me killed and my Bridge officer want to give him a blanket party old school military style yo.

So more work on the Engineering aspect maybe more away team locations to collect items involving something really TRek Like Nuclear Vessels in Sevastopol instead of San Fran for a Mission component? Broaden the horizon a little and up the special qualities of a Classic retro look. I mean Admiral Kirk Had Captain Sulu and Commander Chekov Helming that BOP they slingshot in.. I had a ship that looked like a D-7 and was 10 times the BOP size.

IT's like putting a standard Whale of a Limo on a NASCAR track the inertia's going to drive you suspension and steering nuts. Normal Setting should be relaxed flight model no bonus pts.. up the bar and give more points accolades to them w x-box control if you want.. So we all win here..
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11-15-2010, 10:25 AM
Re: Klingon disguise: if you were disguised as a Federation ship you would have been asked for credentials by any other Federation ship you encounter, because you weren't where you were supposed to be. Also, you would likely attacked by any Klingon ship you might encounter.

As a Klingon ship, it would raise no eyebrows if you refused to communicate with a Federation ship, nor would it be particularly surprising if you fired on one. Even if you encountered another Klingon ship, the Klingons are not perfectly unified with interhouse feuds and warfare being commonplace. Being a particularly disliked house helps - few Klingon ships would expect a warm greeting from you.

The point wasn't just to get in and get out without killing people, it was not having questions asked. This is Star Trek time travel. Going so far as killing a guy and taking his place works out just fine, you just end up looking suspiciously like the guy in the history books. But if people start asking too many questions in the process, hoo boy you're in trouble. Showing up out of nowhere and leaving a cloud of disabled ships around a cloud of cometery debris isn't going to do much either as long as it makes some sense to the people you're shooting at.

The relative power of D7's is a game mechanic. Remember fighting D7's in City on the Edge of Never? They were a viable threat, too. If you can't accept that a game can be reasonably expected to have viable threats rather than turkey shoots, consider that to avoid instantly vaporizing every ship and half their surroundings you're probably running at single digit percentages of your normal weapon yields.
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11-15-2010, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by Joshmaul
That's pretty much my thoughts in a nutshell.
Same here...
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11-15-2010, 04:39 PM
The even con super powerful yet ment to be outdated Klingon ships and the drinks puzzle which felt stuck in just for the sake of having a puzzle in the mission really ruined this mission imho.
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11-15-2010, 05:07 PM
I agree, this was perhaps the worst episode I've played in this game, not because I found it particularly difficult, but the story was rediculous, and the mission was a waste of time.

First, credit where it's due: the slingshot Idea was a fantastic addition IMO... I hit it first time no problem, and thought it was a good new gameplay element.

My biggest gripe was the stupid "Nerve Tonic" thing. Firstly, I don't think we ever would have seen Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer going to that kind of trouble to determine someone's favorite drink in order to save her freaking LIFE. Fairly certain any one of the above mentioned captains would have simply grabber her by the shoulders and shaken her until she told him/her where the friggin' thing was. Seriously, the finale in the devidian series, and your a glorified BARTENDER. Who wrote that crap?

My second biggest gripe, of course was the final battle. I'm flying a defiant retrofit with a cloaking device, so my plan was to draw away the klingons, cloak and then double back on them to hit the comet. It worked to a degree, but as the numbers of klingons continued to increase, it became more and more difficult to draw them away from the fragments. I died about 5 times I think, because I didn't want to shoot at the klingons and risk destroying one of them... which is funny, because somehow, without me firing a single shot back at them, B'Vat managed to destoy himself, and I got a message saying we would have to go back in time again, because we have irrevobaly changed the course of history. Seeting at this point, as I only had 1 damn fragment left, I closed the BO's message, and destroyed the last bit anyway, and lo-and-behold, B'Vat's ship reappeared, and MISSION COMPLETE!

Seriously, worst episode ever. I can't wait for the Foundry to come along so we can start playing/making some decent episodes... A little harsh, I know... there are a lot of good eps... I'm just venting ;-)

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