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11-15-2010, 02:01 PM
Well tried logging on earlier today and it wasn't happening. Come to find out the account/login service was down

Luckily it affected the C-store and C-store purchases so it resulted in a mass rush fix from the boys at Cryptic!

Hats off boys, good work and great job fixing things. I might suggest in the future routing all patches/expansions to tie directily with the C-Store's opperation and I don't mean just putting the new content (ALL the new content) Into the C-Store. I mean making it so that if something glitches/bugs out, that it also Renders the C-Store unusable that way it will prompt an immediate response or at least get looked at. And who knows maybe even resolved within our lifetime, you know before all this sci-fi fantasy is reality.

just a suggestion

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