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# 1 Bad or Bugged Skill Info
11-16-2010, 04:02 AM
This is supposed to be a collection of contradictions in the descriptions of BO skills and the player/gear that supposedly gives them a boost.

Not everybody can do the extensive testing and especially new players should know about this. Please stick to a noob friendly format.

There are three different spots that provide information about the equipment and skills relevant to any ability. I will use Mask Energy Signature (MES) as an example below.

1) BO Skill Allocation Page
if you click on the skill to allocate skillpoints, a small info will pop up.
E.G.: MES says: "System: Sensor Array"

2) Equipment (Deflectors and Consoles).
right clicking on an item -> info: provides further information.
E.G.: My Deflector has [SenA] and should give +10 to MES

3) Player (Cpt) Skill Allocation Page.
This is the most important of the three imho. Not every BO or Cpt skill has one single ability to give it a boost. Think: "Starship Energy Weapons Training" + "Starship Beam Weapons" + "Starship Phaser Weapons" All three will boost the damage of your phaser beam arrays.

To see all the skills, simply select in the upper right your BO's Skill under "Highlight Contribution To"

MES: "Starship Engineering Training" + "Starship Auxilliary Maintanance" + "Starship Auxiliary System Performance"

So please share your findings.
Lt. Commander
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Posts: 120
# 2 A couple of things I found
11-16-2010, 04:10 AM
MES: s.a. Sensors and Sensor array player skills do not help with it. Not sure about [SenA] consoles.

Photonic Shockwave: Same as MES. Photonic Theory should add something, but doesn't. Not sure about equipment bonuses

The skill "subsytem repair" doesn't seem to do anything, at least I couldn't discern a difference after some testing. (had a friend target my subsystems and waited out for them to come back online)

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