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I hate to sound impatient here. After all, it's only been almost 7 months. Since the difficulty slider was added to the game back in April. Ground enemies have been bugged on Advanced and Elite for SEVEN MONTHS NOW!!!

So, how much longer until I can participate in ground combat again Cryptic?

In 7 months you couldn't go in and change the damage of 1 attack that is shared among a handful of enemies? Is it really that difficult to do? Should I just expect to have my entire away team one-shot by Phanoians for another 7 months?

It's gone beyond ridiculous. Fix it already.
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11-15-2010, 11:35 AM
I agree, Cryptic has been dodging this for a very long time. But seems this might be fixed for Season 3 (or was the changes in Season 4?).

I recall them stating that mobs at higher settings would have more options available than simply being stronger with more HPs. So hopefully these changes indeed finally solve the overpowered mobs on Elite. Because those Klingon Swordmasters hurt!
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11-15-2010, 12:46 PM
Honestly, I don't use the slider any more because of this.
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11-15-2010, 01:39 PM
they will, in my guess, continue to do this until they release more content for the solo happy casual players because that is what this game is slated for....a majority are casual players who want all the perks that a long time were offered only to the hard core or less casual players for commitment to a game in terms oh hours and raids etc....

last night on the borg daily there were still spheres and scouts stuck in the scenery..../facepalm

yes i am sarcastic and cynnical.....

I saw this yeasterday so unless they fixed it since then....boooooo

The borg bug has been there since launch in my your elite fix is in line behind mine.....GET in line!!

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