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09-16-2011, 01:30 PM
In the future Cryptic would rather you start a new thread rather than necro an old one. It's ok when you do that to link to the old one... So for example start your new thread OP with: "Hey I was wondering if the details of this old thread >link here< are still valid."

As for your question, the only effective change that I'm aware of to BO Efficiency is that Rare and Very Rare Saurians can now be Efficient (before it was just restricted to the Uncommon variety). I believe the was also another fixed bug in the background forumlas for how exactly Efficiency was applied.

Regardless, if you want a demonstration of how Captain Traits & Skills, Efficient BOs, Ship-type, Consoles, Engines, etc affect your ship power levels, take a look at my Ship Power Calculator:


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