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Several ideas that fall under several topics here but it's easier to make 1 post of it. I have no idea if some have already been adressed but i don't wanna read through tons of posts

First of: Being able to get rid of the yellow help screens each time you enter the shipyard or other locations. make an option in the menu that alows us to turn it off.

Make each character use the same keybind configuration and UI setting, so you don't have to set it all again. I really get annoyed that with each char i make, i have to enlarge my chatwindow and fontsize again, move the powerbar to the right, set all my keybindings again cause the original WSAD setting bugs me big time. I use EDSF setting.

Make more missions for klingons so klingons isn't only for the pvp freak but also for the casual mission gamer aswell. In fact, i would love an ongoing mission story from start till end. And Federationside could use an ongoing mission story aswell. Not 1 that would lvl you from 1 to 51, still need to do the rest, but sumthing with a recurring story would be nice.

The lvl cap shouldn't be increased in increments of 5 or 10 lvls but like 40 lvls at once minimal. That way players will have a longer time to play new content. These little jumps are to short for added content and are done too fast.

BOs should be able to fly at least 1 of your other ships. What's the use of 10 BO slots when you use just 4 or maybe 6 max? It would be fun to have missions that you can't do solo but need a second ship with you, and you can choose either a friend to come along or get a second ship with BOs.

Fly through sector space from the bridge. Have a map table or sumthing on the bridge layout where you can select a location to fly to and the ship can fly to it. In combination with the seamless sector space i saw you talk about it would be nice to sit on the bridge and look at the screen to see the stars and planets fly by as you fly to your location. So flying in space wouldn't be so boring cause you could walk on the bridge or through the ship itself as you fly to your location.

In the messhall, make the pokertable available for pokerplaying, so you can play against your BOs while flying, or friends when hanging in space.

Don't focus on the user generated content function, first add lots of content yourselves by a higher lvl cap, and not in small increments, but a large increment, like minimal 40 lvls. Then think about a user generated content function. This way STO will get more content that proves longer playability then some weird missions players will make which probably won't be made well.

And last but not least, and i don't know why the fanbase doesn't want this..... Make the borg a playable race. It's doable even though a lot of ppl say it's not. It is and you can still stay in canon with the series..

You can make a borg captain that is still taking orders from the borg queen as if it's still in a hive mind connection. Borg send ships all over to assimalte worlds, take on enemies etc etc etc. Those ships need crew and some sort of captain. The BOs is workable too. Each borg has it's own function on a borg ship, so there could technically be an engineer, a tactical and a science Borg BO. All we have to do is imagine we're not really a captain but getting orders from the Queen itself and do our missions. Assimilate a world, fight the Undine, maybe even another enemy the borg has trouble assimilating. There are even more borg ships then just a sphere and cube shaped ones...

Plus for getting new ships like on federation side and ranks, we could maybe start with a probe ship, that with each new rank evolves into a bigger sphere, a diamond and eventually a tactical cube look perhaps. The shapes of the ships and the borg idea for perfection has sumthing mathmatical, so you could even invent new ships made up from math shapes, triangle, circle, square, rectangle etc etc. It is possible if only ppl would look beyond teh fact that it won't be canon.. it will be if you open up for it like i do. Borg as a playable faction is possible imo. So i want them

Those are the things i thought up a bit for added STO content and improvements. I hope sum DEV reads this and will look into this. This is solely made for them to read so there's no need to respond on this from players, but if you must go ahead. Just don't expect a response from me

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