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11-20-2010, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by Robotrik1 View Post
STO is not Farcry / Crysis / your next graphically demanding game -- it's just the opposite .

It's designed so that the avarage PC with an avarage graphics card can play the game , and make it look good (look at the minimal recomendation for hardware) .

I'm playing it on two PCs , one decent , and one that has a single core cpu and a graphis card that is well below the minimal recomandation , and even on the older system I can get decent graphics .

So , to make it short ,the engine of this game is a bit old... , and if it runs on Direct_x 9c , it's not designed to blow you away at Direct_X 11 .
If you want hardware that runs Direct_X 11 , you want that for other games , not STO .
A good thing I like about STO, it doesn't need expensive hardware just to play, plus having DX11 support does nothing for me, as far as I know WinXP can't use it and Vista and 7 don't seem worth it for me to upgrade my OS beyond WinXP.
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11-20-2010, 05:04 AM
Originally Posted by Jasos
So far, DX11 has been one of the most useless "features" of Windows 7.

Well, I suppose it tricked a few folks into upgrading their Graphics cards for no reason, but other than that... yeah. Not that anyone who bought a DX11 card got ripped, since they are the top of the line cards and run DX9 or 10 games extremely well. I 'm just saying, you don't need DX11 yet.
I think you nailed it. The point behind saying "We support DirectX 11" is to get people to ditch their Win XP systems when they upgraded to Windows 7. Doesn't make MS any extra money, but it does make sure Windows 7 is on a machine that can handle it (and avoid the Vista driver debacle). In any case, I have Win7 running on two machines: one designed for Win7 and the other for Win XP and you can tell a difference. I don't bother playing STO on the older one.
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11-20-2010, 05:48 AM
I found this article that seems to explain DX11's advances.

Basically it doesn't make things look nicer so much as it allows you to optimize and speed up what you do put in.

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