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Title says it all, does anyone know what bridge officer species can get the superior telepath trait?

Vulcans seem to only ever get Superior LIMITED Telepathy.
Betazoids ssem to only get telepath as a required trait, never the superior version.
Haven't seen an Andorian with it.
Rigelians, again, limited telepthy only from what I've seen.
The only Superior Telepath I've seen was an Alien.

Also, Lucky and Superior Lucky both say they give a bonus to critical and expose chance, but when you look at the details, it only lists a number (3 or 4%) for critical hits.

Anyone know which species can get the Superior Telepath trait? I've slogged through hundreds of officers, but without a filter to use other than species or class, i'm not even sure if I'm looking in the right places.

Thanks for your help.

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