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I fly a carrier and my total turn rate with a combat impulse [Turn]x2 is 5.3, i know this number is too low and i have tested it live and in tribble to make sure, and have used the free respec tokens to take full advantage of the ability to learn. 4 is the base turn rate, spec'd in all tiers of battle ship/ships gives a 30% boost to turn, adds 1.2 so makes my new base 5.2 add into account Starship bombat maneuvers "Starship Turn Rate: 0.5% x Starship Combat Maneuvers stat (Max 15%) with this stat maxed...adds an additional 0.2...? 15% of 4 is 0.2? more like 5%. where is the other 10%, is that the brokering fee? j/k. in theory with all skills for ships and combat maneuvers maxed the base turn rate should in theory be 5.8 then add in the combat impulse [Turn]x2 should add another 0.2 making my carrier turn @ 6.0 with 25 power to engines with an increase every few points into engines. not only reported here but in-game and the gameplay bugs of Tribble Forums.

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