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11-27-2010, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by apt.pupil
heres a question for you.

Emblems did not come out till season 2. before that, the incentive was the fun of multiplayer. removing the emblems now for feds wont be killing off an incentive to play, it will remove the AFKers. if the AFKers go to the Klinks, then just remove PvP emblems altogether. before season 2- they were not around, yet i still had way more PvP matches going that i enjoyed during that time, because the people who were on that queue were on there to play.

as for making the emblems available for those who win- thats a dreadful idea. many of the good matches i am in usually have the winner winning by a mere 1-2 frags. these matches can go on for past the half hour mark. It hardly seems fair to the losing team to get no benefits of a good game, while the winning team enjoys the rewards for a hard fought battle. sure, i may only have 5-6 of these said games a week(way less than it used to be), but it is really fun when i do.
Actually, pre-season 2, there were (And still are) Marks of Honor for Rear Admirals. You "earn" them the same way you do for Emblems. Removing the Emblems will not solve the propblem, because AFKers have done this since getting promoted from Captain.

No, reporting their griefing is probably the best way to flush them out of PvP.

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