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# 1 Dress Uniform colour revamp
11-25-2010, 01:28 PM

I just had a slight nitpick to the Diplomatic uniform reward.
There may need to be another colour option to it, because I can't get the uniform itself to look like the moves version. Namely because the piping can only be selected as one colour in the game, whereas this is incorrect:
Costume Design

My apologies for using a costuem site, but it had better images and they had down how the garment is coloured with its piping.

Basically, the piping on the sleeves and the collar needs to be done in the division colours, while leaving the gold on the shoulders. As it is now, I can only make everything gold or everything a division colour, in other words it's incomplete either way.

This could be easily fixed by keeping the shoulders in the standard gold with the rest of the uniform and leaving the colour change to the division colours for the collar and sleeves.

Thanks in advance, and I just wanted to say, that besides the Wrath of Kahn uniform (which needs the ranks!) this is my favourite uniform still. I'm glad it was included as a reward, and I just want to make it better and true to the 'real' thing.

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