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11-29-2010, 12:21 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Terraganon View Post
I like the idea but adding to the game itself would be a nightmare, there'd be a bizillion cards that would create a huge patch of 25 gigabytes or something, and just imagine if your Kirk card lost against a Neelix card because of a chance rolll of food poisoning in the hasparat soufflé, imagine how devastated people would be to find they could no longer play STO because the game got too big because of a silly card game, I mean I enjoyed Chaotic but that was the whole game not just a HUGE but optional mini-game

They could make it an optional download, and that it loads when you activate it in the game, like Starwars galaxies does. If they can do it, STO can do it. And make more money at it,
In Starwars galaxies, I was given a starter deck, and 15 booster packs of any release I chose when I joined. It was really much fun openeing those booster packs, and I was tempted to buy more, even knowing you get 5 free boosters a month free with paid subscription.

It will give more things to do for the players.
Isnt that what we and they want guys, so much to do, that we will keep loggin on all the time.
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11-30-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by OmegaOm View Post
This game is awesome. I love it. But considering the options for this game to add are endless, I have to add another suggestion, that would keep everyone comming back for even more.

One thing I find missing, is some games to play while at star dock, when you feel like taking it easy.
Some times I am waiting for pvp at start dock, and I would just like to play a game that requires thinking.

Star trek had a collectible card game before, I never played it, but it existed. They should introduce a collectable card game here. I have played many other card games, and they are so much fun to play. Star Wars galaxies has there card game, it is cool, but it could be better, they had a real card game I collected many years ago, and it was awesome, with planet cards and everything.

If STO, can introduce a card game, I will buy Life Membership for sure, even knowing I will probably play this game for life anyway.
I greatly disagree with this. The SWG card game is one of the reasons why I left that game. I don't want an excuse to pay more money.

If anything, let's push getting more mini-games for different sections of the star ship. Or more starship customization. I'd much rather spend my time tweaking my ship than playing a card game.
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12-01-2010, 08:05 AM
Truthfully, I think the Star Trek CCG was way to complicated to put online, especially its first edition. I wouldn't envy the programmer who had to implement all the rules. I used to design dream cards for it, and even at the height of my interest in the game I continually had to look up rules (how card A affected B when using rule C affected by card D, etc.) It was fun while it lasted, but one reason I never got into the tournaments is the amount of work needed to make a really competitive strategy.

Also, playing online limits the feel of the game for me. Holding actual cards and more importantly, gauging my opponent's reactions, is important to me. You couldn't turn STO into a board game if you wanted, which is why I play online, but for a card game I'd much rather use a "dead tree" format.
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12-01-2010, 08:22 AM
If you want to play cards go join one of hundreds of online card playing games. I want to fly starships, beam down to planets, and demand Scotty to give me more power not to play cards. This isn't party poker, its called Star Trek Online. When SOE added a CCG I thought it was the worst thing since CU changes. Perhaps Cryptic could add some kind of Commander Riker's Poker tournements for ingame prizes (similar to Dabo) or something as a mini game but no CCGs.
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12-01-2010, 10:00 AM
I have all my cards and still play on occasion, they even had a second edition, and then it bellied up. There are so many aspects of the card game that will come to this game, in the form of foundry! I would think there would be a licensing issue, but it would be awesome to sit down at ESD and play STCCG while waiting for others and more!

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