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# 1 Fleet Leaders Meeting
11-26-2010, 03:19 PM
This is an announcement to All Leaders.
There will be a fleet leaders meeting for those who are in Leaders channel.

This includes the Fleet Leader and an alternate.
Anyone interested in Fleet Leaders please contact me eracet@eracet

Meeting will be held at 2200 GMT on the 12th of December.
On Eracet's starship bridge.

Topics will include (and subject to change)

Purpose and policies.

Fleet listings review.

Blade Radio.

Patches and thoughts of game state.
( Free to play thoughts )

Other topics.


Notes of this meeting will be posted on this thread.

]Current Fleet Leader Channel Listings
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# 2
12-01-2010, 08:21 PM
Just a reminder that this meeting is open to any fleet as long as they are on the Leaders channel.
If there are interested Fleets please contact me.
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# 3 Fleet Leaders minutes December
12-12-2010, 04:08 PM
Fleet Leader Meeting.

22 fleets attending

Topic: Purpose and Policies

Full listing here

Topic: Fleet listings review

Was decided to keep an eye on current fleets that are not in channel
and those fleets who have disbanded or merged.
All current leaders where going to watch for this.

Topic: Game Radio Channels

Was decided that it is a good idea to have 2 radio stations currently in game.

Topic: Free to Play

PP and AA both said it would be good and bad.
XK was afraid of it drawing in many grievers who just get on games to annoy people
SK mentioned concerns about bringing quality of game down.
VV was concerned about support for game. If it would go down.

Overall there was concern about overall degrade of overall quality, and possible abusers, but would be good on increasing player base
as long as it doesn't degrade paying players experience

Topic: Newest Patches

XK likes the sector space changes
Seems we are on track with improvments
VV mentioned releasing everything in one patch and not delay stuff
Feelings were mixed.

Topic: What needs improved?

Seems everyone agreed with exploration as one of the main things.
MB mentioned ground science usefulness
SK said more new missions
AA is thinking the foundry will help
XK and VV said higher level cap
NL said more minigames such as hacking

Topic: Multi fleet events

CN said tournaments and special events.
We all talked over ideas for fleets go get together
We were split over a closed or open channel for fleets and was decided it needed further discussion


We had a great turnout.
Lots of great feedback.
These minutes are not full and shows highlights only.
Thank you to all Fleet leaders.

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