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I believe that in order to not only allow anyone to create content for any level (even if they just bought the game) by making a test charecter for mission testing

I also believe that the same test charecter they make should be able to also be a reviewer to review missions as well as what is the point of only having that tool if its only for testing your own missions, to make the most out of the approval/play through system you should allow a test charecter to also be used to review missions before they are flagged to be played by everyone just a thought (but that would be for reviewers only...if you wish to play missions and reap rewards from them i would assume you would need to use a non test character)

I hope this will be the case. It would then allow more people who do not play MMOs to get into the game too and besides after they have so much fun playing/creating/ and testing missions with the foundry they will want to go into the actual game too.

Well just saying as im a level 6 Lt. in the game right now so got a long ways to go before i would be able to review higher level content!

:-) if thats not in at launch should be down the road! :-)

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