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Ok well i am a bit confused as to how the actual space /world will work in custom missions. it was said on a interview on STOKED that players will be able to modify NPCs in public areas like the Earth Space dock for missions (but cannot add or change or remove what is already there?)

but considering that players will be able to create/edit star systems with the foundry it would seem that in order for everything to work it would have to be instanced as you cannot litter the existing universe with all the new custom star systems that players will make.

So i would assume the star systems would be instanced and maybe they would only appear for those who are on the spacific mission, but how would they be placed? is there an editor to place your custom star system on the sector map? (for the mission only) will you be able to edit existing star systems for your mission? I assume as they have said you can only have x number of maps at a time so that would count for any maps that you edit too but im just curious how that would all work. Are you still in the "live" game space when you take on a custom mission that takes you across several locations or will you be thrown into a mirrored instanced space with a sector map that only lets you go to the locations that are in the mission?

My suggestion is if you cannot edit public areas if there is some way to include a blank copy of some of the games public areas for use in instanced missions, that would be great! Though not sure how you could tie that into the sector map maybe you could be allowed to link a custom space map to an already existining system.

for example when the player enters sol in your mission instead of entering the public game area. they entered a custom version or some sort...

I guess we'll just have to wait and see i do hope it comes out Monday because to be honest a lot of people might hold off of planning missions until they know exactly what they can DO with the foundry

we do not yet have the basics of what we can and cannot edit for sure. It seems from a screenshot a month ago we can edit star systems for sure. But as i said will they be linked to the mission?

and how much can players edit interiors can we choose from a selection of premade interiors and place down objects and NPCs where we want? I hope if that is the case it is done in some sort of 3D mode. as it would be better then just seeing a 2d top down view of the map and placing objects as in interiors it often is helpful to see the actual 3d view of the space to decide what to place what.

If the toolset is not released this week i really hope that the devs release more infomation for us about how some of the basic functions work. Like a list of what you can and cannot do in the toolset to start off with. how maps will be linked to missions, if you can edit public areas, what you can and cannot edit in public areas

i guess we will know soon enough but it just would be nice if a bit more information had been given for such a major feature then the few bits and peices we have gotten so far :-)

Time will tell!

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