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Posted this up in the Klingon Battlecruisers section, but I guess I should post it here, too.

So I've noticed what I think is a bit of an oversight with the K'tinga refit variant. I dunno if anyone else noticed this, but if they have, then I'd just like to make mention of it again.
The K'tinga and D7 variants fire their double-beam weapons from the naccelles, as they have and should. Everything is hunky-dory with them. But the Refit version fires it's double-beams from the same central gun pods as it's cannon attacks come from.
The odd part? Whenever I activate Directed Energy Modulation, the glowy red lights that pop up over the ship's beam emanation points clearly show two located on the naccelles, like the regular K'tinga and D7 variants.
This also has the side effect, aesthetic's-wise, of cluttering up the center of the ship's body with too much weapons fire coming out of it. I always liked the way these ships looked whenever they opened up with their double-beam attacks, the way they are situated in the naccelles.
I hope this apparent oversight gets corrected at some point in the future. I doubt it would take much work to get it fixed. And the refit is a personal favorite of mine, so I'd like to see it get the same attention to detail as its variants.
Anyone else noticing this? Or is it just me?

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