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# 1 Lords Of Chaos now forming
11-30-2010, 02:07 PM
Tired of the same old fleet?

Want to try something new and exciting?

Dont want to be forced into PVP by other members of your fleet?

Join The Lords Of Chaos! Not officially formed as of this post, the Lords Of Chaos will be an all around do anything and everything fleet. If you enjoy PVP then have at it, if you enjoy teaming with other players for PVE missions, then by all means,, do that!
The point is the Goal of The Lords of Chaos will be #1 HAVE FUN in STO #2 Have fun in STO #3 Have fun,, you get the picture.

There WILL be a fleet bank open to EVERYONE from the day you join, there will be fleet events that are convenient for everyone, and most of all there will be experienced players that are more than willing to lend a hand when needed.

The Surpreme Commander Of Everything ( SCOE ) will be Princess-Of-Chaos. Currently Lt Commander lvl 8 flying around in the NX class Enterprise whooping some major arse if i do say so myself. The Princess has the benefit of being associated with CHAOS, currently VA rank and a member of the elite Starfleet Operations as well as Caveman who is a newly promoted Captain and also a member of starfleet operations. All this combined experience will allow even the newest player to ask for adivce and feel confident they are getting the right answers!

To join Simply /Tell Princess-of-chaos@Captainchaos66 in game, or send an ingame email to Chaos@captainchaos66 in game. Normal game time is after 430 pm EST mon - fri and varies during the weekend but count on the fact that at least ONE of these toons WILL be present at any given time over the weekend.

So what are you waiting for? Beam on into Earth Space dock and join the newest and most exciting, laid back, to what you want when you want fleet on STO!!! Dont miss this GREAT opportunity!

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