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It's time to look for new and exciting gamers for our Fleet. We don't really believe in shouting out in the In-game chat looking for players, so we are shouting here.

We are a Fleet based in Denmark with members from all around the world, but mainly in the Northern part of Europe. ~WR][RK~ Fleet Alliance was founded back in 2006 as a Clan for the FPS game series, Battlefield 2142 with branches to Battlefield Bad Company 2 and COD:4. We established the "~WR][RK~ Fleet Alliance" when Star Trek Online went live, trying out new and exciting gaming style and Game Play. The Leadership of the Clan are Die-Hard "Trek" fans and therefore being totally naturel for them to take "STO" in as a part of the Clan/Fleet.

We are based on "Play when you can", meaning that we expect no member to play all the time, we realize that we all have a family, work and lives outside of the gaming world and therefore our top and most importent rule is, "Play when you can". At the momment we don't have a Speach server, but are in the process of getting one free. We have had and used TS since 2006 and have always rented a server, now it is possible for us to have our own server, we are just wainting for it to get up and running. We also use Mumble which is another Online speach program being almost as good as TS. We also have a website to provide basic info of the Clan and Fleet, at the momment it's still based on Battlefield 2142 but we are in the process of expanding it to included "STO".

We enjoy playing all the STFs together as a fleet. We play Infected almost all the time and have learned how to play it with only 4 players if we wanted. The Cure we play once in awhile, Khitamor Accord and Terror Dome we have yet to finsh as a Fleet, but we are trying very hard. Most of the time we are helping Fleet members or other players with missions and ranking up. It's a game and we all enjoy it.

I hope to hear from a few interested players with questions and possible emlistment.

Thank you,
~WR][RK~ (We aRe Road Kill)
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01-12-2011, 12:47 AM
I'd like to thank those who've sent me private messages and as I explained in my reply, I'll get back to you by the end of this week.

Thank you for your interest. =)
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01-17-2011, 12:51 AM
Vi kan nu godt brug noget flere Dansker, Svensker og Normanden til at join vores Fleet... Kom nu, vil VED i er der ude!!!

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