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# 1 Tanks alot Jim!
01-30-2010, 11:24 AM
So I've been looking over posts here and there trying to get a straight answer to this question: "What is the best tank in STO?"

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a solid concrete answer. I'm looking to roll a tank race with tank traits that will put a cut above the rest, even if that is by a marginal amount. By the look of it so far the best tanking race is an alien species where you can stack all the tank goodies that are available to several preset races.

Space traits it looks like Elusive, Techie, Warp Theorist and Astrometrics.
Ground Traits it looks like Aggressive, Sturdy and Peak Health.

I'm looking for a bit of input from as many people as possible what the best combination would be between these 7 traits. Massively's guide says to take 2 space and 2 ground as there will be soon to come an equal balance between space and ground missions and you don't want to be completely useless as a tank on the ground if you stack 4 space traits...but is that true? Quite a few posters have stated that aggro doesn't work the same way in STO as it would in a fantasy MMO like ********, Lord of the Rings, Everquest, etc. So that being the case do we even want to trait for the same aggro based system on the ground or in space? If the answer is no, then Aggressive goes out the window and we can stack another space trait. Leaving only one ground - Sturdy for Peak Health and both of those were only a secondary ground tanking trait to Aggressive which seem like the big winner in the ground department.

Which leave the question - What is the "best" tanking race and trait setup?

I'll probably be re-rolling my toon as I really don't want to get far into character progression only to find out that yes i should have taken 4 space traits or no, i need 2 ground as well. I rolled an alien with Elusive, Techie, Aggressive and Sturdy. I also rolled a borg and took Sturdy for ground and Warp Theorist for space and have her up to Ensign 6 (I'm a slow leveler).

How does a borg fair as far as being a tank with Efficient for space and Borg Nanites for ground?

I've played WoW for 5 years and why I'm being so picky is this reason: I play a healing paladin and a new race is opening up for that class which will allow everyone to change races if they wish. Tauren and Bloodelves can both be the paladin class. Overall not much difference. However, Bloodelves have a racial ability that will restore 6% of their mana back every 2 mins. Now i have 35,000 mana raid buffed thats 2100 mana on a 2 min cooldown, 5 minute raid fight i can get that off 3 times during a fight which is an extra 6400 mana that the tauren paladin wont have. Because its a percent it scales with mana mana pool, restoring more mana the more base mana I get.

Sorry for the ******** section but that is my point. Any race can tank, but I'm looking for the one that will excel in that field more then the others.

In the end, whats everyone's opinion? Alien species with 2 space and 2 ground, Alien species with 4 space or Borg with 2 extra space traits picked?

...I just can't decide.
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01-30-2010, 04:39 PM
Thinking about it, you have a pretty tricky order there.

For space combat, your escorts have DPS covered, and your science ships have control covered. However, I don't see much of anything designed to "pull aggro," so even though your cruisers are the toughest ships out there (defensively), they end up more healers than tanks because it is hard to match the escorts for DPS. So it plays out that your holy trinity is DPS, Healer, Control more than Tank, DPS, Healer. The "Tank" doesn't seem to really exist.

In Open Beta, I made it to Lieutenant Commander 10, and honestly, I don't exactly know how much Efficiency is helping. But I do know that Warp Theory is rather noticeable. The +10 to the Warp Core skill that otherwise ranges from +6 to +18 is really noticeable. But I am just not sure the total effect is all that big in the long run. Even so, I would probably recommend Warp Theory and Techie if you're going to be serious about space tanking. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to concentrate on ground tanking either.

For ground combat, it seems your tactical officer is both Tank and DPS. Only the tactical officer has the Draw Fire ability in a specific kit, and it can be hard for others to compete with a DPS tactical for aggro simply because the Tactical skills increase the officer's DPS where your Engineers and Scientists are always using the base damage value. (But on the flipside, Engineers and Scientists skills can heal an awful lot using various means.) So, your best bet to set yourself up for a tanking role is to choose those kits with Draw Fire as they become available, and concentrate on survivability as much as possible. Peak Health, and Resilient are what I would choose to be as tough as possible to everything. Stubborn and Sure Footed are probably a good idea as well to reduce the effects of control powers that you are likely to be the target of. So you've pretty much got a plan for an Alien tactical officer just from that. Otherwise, Bolian for corrosive blood is also a good pick as it will poison and hold anything that tries to run up and bite you. Benzite is also a nice choice as they have natural armor built in that you can stack with the sturdy trait.

I know of a possible off-tank way of doing it similar to City of Villain's "Tankermind." The shield generators, phaser turrets, medical generators, and other targetable fabrications actually do taunt enemies into attacking them. So a bunker fabrication specialist can just drop their generators into a convenient location an be pretty much guaranteed of having the bunker start drawing enemy fire away from the team. Creative is the only trait that would directly help here, which can free up slots to go into space skills. However Aggressive and Soldier aren't bad ideas for superior ground off-tanking. You may not be pulling fire off of the tactical guys, but they'll sure appreciate the bunker healing, and you certainly will be pulling fire off of everyone else. An engineer captain in an escort can really help push of the survivability on what is otherwise a pure DPS craft, and become perhaps somewhat tank-like.

So what do you think?
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# 3
12-02-2010, 10:43 AM
This is a tough one. I still dont know who does what other than Science is "heals"
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12-02-2010, 11:19 AM
space - engineer in a cruiser - you can mitigate damage AND outheal damage

if you want to pull aggro in PvE use Beam Fire at Will

On the ground there is no true damage mitigation, just heal-tanking. That falls to science with a med kit. Engineer is CC at best on the ground

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