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# 1 Some great suggestions
12-02-2010, 01:52 AM
1) The first suggestion I have can be done in a few methods, perhaps an option set in the team settings tab. What I envision is an icon below the team being listed on the left hand side for the Concentrated Fire (CF) target. The first way would be for the team or squad leader to select a target then some way set them as the CF so their icon would be on the left for easy access. The other way would be for someone to be designated as the focus through person, or some designation like that, where whatever that team member has selected will be displayed in that icon spot. It would be nice if there could be a way for a secondary target to be listed as well but at bare minimum a primary target should be displayed.

My next four ideas are linked together with something I will designate as fleet points however I will be dividing them up as each of them has their own purposes.

2) After I prepared the notes on these ideas I read that there was a scoreboard in plans to come about in the future for PvP so perhaps this idea will overlap with that in some way which may or may not be a bad thing. The idea is simply this: a way for fleets to be scored in PvP matches. The points could be derivatives of damage done, damage healed, kills, and deaths; however these points should not be earned from challenges.

3) The next idea could be designated as something of a combat simulator in which fleets can earn fleet points through PvE means. To enter the combat simulator would cost x energy credits, perhaps based upon the players rank. Inside the combat simulator would be stages, each stage becoming progressively more difficult than the previous. The first stage could be destroy 20 fighters in three minutes. One of the final stages could be defeating 20 Tactical Cubes in 3 minutes. The amount of fleet points rewarded would be based upon how many stages were cleared.

4) The fourth suggestion is something I call special fleet actions (SFA). These fleet actions would only be available to fleets and their members (not sure how it would be worked out for fleets that have alternative fleets). To access these SFA's a high ranking member of the fleet would have to purchase a key (as will be discussed in idea 5) with fleet points, which would open the SFA for a limited amount of time. I envision these SFA's as massive engagements to end their prospective war, so there would be two for each race, one ground and one space: Starfleet/Mirror, Romulan, Cardassian, Borg, Klingon, Undine, Breen and others down the road. Inside there could be a limit to the number of members at a time, maybe four five member teams. The time limit that the key opens the system for would apply once inside, ie the system is open for 2 hours, if you don't complete it in 2 hours then only an uncommon reward would be given, not the rare or very rare reward for defeating the boss.

5) Fleet points can be spent on a variety of items a few of which I've listed here but hopefully there will be many suggestions to come:
-extending fleet banks
-keys to the special fleet actions
-fleet starbase(s)
-upgrades of the fleet starbase; types, modules, etc...

I look forward to the responses that this will generate and seeing where STO continues to go.
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# 2
12-02-2010, 11:41 AM
These are great ideas! Actually, we are gonna feature one on this week's Priority One!

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