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12-05-2010, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by LittleGuff
I've been working on my mission for a while now, put at lot of time in and all that... so this is starting to get anoying.. (yes i know it's beta so do expect bugs - but they can still be anoying !!)..

So i create a mission.. play test and it's working.. cool.. i click on the save button bottom left of the screen.. it's all good

Now i want to change some of the text from "blah blah" to the actual mission text.. save it... play test.. and it's all fine... rinse and repeat..

fast forward 30 mins or so.. added a few things to the map, changed the text, added objectives... save the game after each bigish change.. play test and the changes work frine... I've even got the little tick next to publish, and 0 errors in the task list..

Some times the machine can either seem to hang for no apparent reason, mouse not work.. sound goes juddery.. (though the ping to google i had running to check if it was my connection to t'internet keeps going ok at 32ms) .. If i just leave it the machine for 20 - 30 seconds it comes back to life.. this can happen when going to play test mission/map or just changeing from the map tab to the story tab..

Anyway at some point i get kicked out of the Foundry, and have to log back in..

I get in and chose the project i was working on and say edit project.. when it finaly loads up I get a message saying the the autosave is newer than the last save do i want load that instead??

I say yes... then when i look at the map, and the story. and i've gone back in time!!
The project is back 30 mins or an hour the text is back the the "blah blah".. all the bits i added to the stry are gone... but all the bits i removed are back.... the bits in the enviroment that have taken ages to position just right have vanished !!!

....but.. but.. but..

i've been saving all along... I've even played the mission with all the updates in and it worked fine.. and the save button tells me its all upto date (before the crash).... but it's all gone!!

So whats happening???
Any one else getting the same or am i just the lucky one ????
Are the dev's rolling back the snap shot on the cluster???

And yes I know its beta...

Doesnt appear to just be Auto save either.

Ive been saving my missions at almost every step to in case something happens. Ive made multiple changes and saved after every individual one. I got DC'd and when i came back nothign I saved is there and its back to a point I had hours ago.

I dont think the save feature is working.
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12-06-2010, 03:11 AM
Definitely some weird save related issues going on.

I've got mine saved, had it published, then played on live server for a bit. After doing my dailies there, return to Tribble, ran my mission to see how it worked on live.

Then went back Wil'yum, my mission creator guy, and loaded up my project to work on it some more. It gave me that auto-save is newer bit as well, and, as I'd saved it right before publishing it, I told it no, didn't want to load that version.

What it did load was missing 3 steps at the end of mission. It wasn't back in time, as other changes I'd made were there, just the last 3 steps missing. Loading the auto-save though had that information.

Bad thing when you cannot trust saving.

Edit: making some further changes, saving, reloading, it cuts off things at the same point. Wondering if I've exceeded some limit that it doesn't in any way warn me about.

In either case, until this issue is fixed, cannot do further work on project, since I have no clue when auto-saving happens and I cannot trust manual saves.
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12-06-2010, 03:45 AM
Save feature is really odd right now.

was doing fine, saved it and it crashed. when i went back in half my work was lost. went back re did it saving every few minutes. left and came back in to find I had lost my work again, and seamed to have reset back to the point where i had lost it before.

this is the first time its happened to me though.

Mission is 'crouching ty'gokor hidden demon'

edit- it seems to have reached a point where no matter what i add it wont save past what i have already done. either save no longer works on this mission (maybe caused by the crash) or there is some sort of error causing a limit that is now stopping other stuff from being added.
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12-06-2010, 04:49 AM
In the space map editor, the planet labeled "Vulcan" is actually Earth.

Also as a note, Earth is not actually listed. (Please give us both... I want to explore why the planet in "Miri" is a duplicate of Earth... I mean seriously, they were all Like "Oh my god it's earth! Let's beam down and see whats up." And then didn't mention it again!!!!)

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