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For some reason i cant get the granted message to appear. Also i cant seem to use normal ds9 and put ppl in there for a mission it has to be its own ds9 which is barren and too much work to duplicate ds9 (can cryptic copy ds9 social hub with npcs into a usable map with npcs intact please and active doors to quarks and ops).

Thing is i have this idea. I want the user to go to ds9 after accepting the mission. Im trying to get this to work but with the message saying it HAS to be a door it is driving me nuts how to do this as i select beta urser sector to transition from, and then use ds9 as a go to point. But if you select beta ursa you cant pick ds9 as it has no door like other systems.

I have tried using ds9 and then using shuttle 2 door but meh ds9 is empty.

Even with all that, my contact npc i have placed at ds9 when i can get her to show she just talks when u get near her, i want to click her then to talk. How do u do this?

Foundry is such a weird tool. So unorginized imo.

All i want to do is have a message come up (granted mission message) somehow get on ds9 from beta urser and find a npc i put on there (not a empty map the one with npcs already there and shops and stuff and quarks and turbolifts working). And click to talk to the first npc of the mission.

Please help.
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12-04-2010, 06:01 AM
ok you can actually use 'the talk to contact' option on the storyboard and then select the contact as one of the 5 or 6 people that you can pick from on ds9 itself.

that way it becomes part of the real in game map. people go to the normal ds9 as usual and speak to that person, just like they would go and speak to holo leeta or the captain. the only draw back to that is it has to be one of the few people cryptic have selected as able to talk to you (last time i check there are a couple in ops, a couple in the bar, an admiral on the second level and someone in the cargo bay)

also grant message does not appear in the play test. it only appears once you have published it and the other player has selected your mission, so dont worry if you cant see it straight away.

you can create your own version of ds9 using the maps they provide but you have to add all of the contacts yourself and wont look quite as good. this is mainly if you want a combat situation to occur on ds9, then you can be in the normal social zone as everybody else.
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12-04-2010, 06:08 AM
Thats a shame, i needed to be able to chat with the captain (tho i thought he was commander like sisko) of ds9 as the mission is based on him, mainly find a birthday pressent for him and the mission was a chase the info from ppl on the station and then find the item off someone or somit.

This ruins my mission if i cant do even chat to the captain and give him something the player has aqquired through an interact with object.

I couldnt even get my vulcan engineer to appear on ds9 just on a private version of ds9 which is crap cos its so empty.

I hope they open up more characters to talk to, i have a feeling id be making a leeta mission soon enough too but cant atm.

And i hope they open up the filled with npcs already locations such as ds9 to add characters to them.
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12-04-2010, 06:59 AM
You can set dialogues with the available station contacts for every step of the mission and it will take place entirely on the normal DS9.

From there, I'd suggest hooking up the Empok Nor or one of the DS9 mission maps to a door on the station and then having the player go to somewhere like Sickbay or the Brig to have a surprise party for Captain Kurland.

What you can do then is create an NPC costume of Kurland from scratch and place him on the mission map.

There's actually a nice little mess hall area near sickbay on one of the lower decks station maps that could be setup as a party area.
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12-04-2010, 07:02 AM
Yea, there isn't anything againt recreating in game NPC's is there? Just actors right?

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