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12-09-2010, 07:28 AM
Cryptic is not responsible for the law but they are responsible for deciding to hold the contest in the light of this situation.

So the real question is, do they really want another PR armageddon?
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12-09-2010, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
Oh, I'll be more than happy to.

Just as soon as everyone else reigns in their nerdrage and "Hate Cryptic" and "Blame Cryptic for Everything!" and "Cryptic is Worse than Hitler" posts! Don't misunderstand me here, I'm not saying Cryptic is perfect. I'm saying that I find it annoying that any time Cryptic does anything there's a hundred threads started by people blaming everything in the world on Cryptic. And then, when a dev makes a post explaining what happened, another hundred threads are started complaining about the exact same thing because people are too lazy to use the search function.

Short version: I'll reign in the sarcasm when people start thinking before they post.
Ok, just to reiterate for everyone (no offence to Peregine_Falcon I just use your quote becaue it sums up quite well) this isn’t a “Cryptic sucks thread”, neither is it a “Cryptic screws us over again” thread. If I thought that I wouldn’t have got a Lifetime Sub in the first place and I would have directly said in one of my above posts “I hate Cryptic” or something.

What I (and others by the look of it) are trying to get across is that a competition like this that could effect a whole… well… Universe I guess… should be world wide or it alienates a lot of the audience. The honor and knowledge that YOU designed the next Enterprise and seeing it on book covers, in games etc should be enough… Ok admittedly I’d like to be awarded it in-game ahead of everyone else as well.
It just would be nice (and probably only in an ideal world) to see a bit more thought and/or consideration go into competitions like this that have an audience the world over. Whether it’s Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who etc, or games, books, TV shows and so on.

Admittedly I was annoyed when I read the news on “Ask Cryptic”, but at the competition in general not Cryptic themselves. People who rage at Cryptic over this are literally “shooting the messenger” and don’t understand Cryptic is just passing on info.
I guess what I was more annoyed at was the fact that the amazing ship designs I’ve seen from people around the world won’t have the chance to enter.

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