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Please or please, mighty Internet god's of annoying bugs...

please bestow STO's honored developers with your kindness and guiding hands. Please make sure the corrupt file is not in the last place they look, or the contradicting code isn't just one of those hidden typo that our fallible human eyes can easily overlook.

Please come out from the under world (beneath the hardcoded architecture) of our beloved game and send us a sign of how to stabilize the foundry.

Send us a sign! Let a mystical bug report appear to guide dstahl and his team to ever lasting glory. Or send a developer a vision, perhaps a blue screen of death followed by ancient html written in a notepad file opening on his screen. Among the more senor developers, one may still be old enough to translate this ancient medium of online coding to find what must be done to turn the foundry back on.

NOTE: this is NOT in ANYWAY a jab at the STO team or their ability to fix bugs and release the foundry. It is a simple appeal to the mighty internet gods of annoying bugs (and maybe ceiling cat to be safe) ... (and also Q to play fairly with us mortals) to help guide them in their quest to release the foundry. At this point i'm sure it feels like one to even them.

I shale now link my pleas to a picture of hobbes from calvin and hobbes dancing in an effort to please the gods with their coolness and encourage them to favor us

thank you for your time.
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12-03-2010, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Hi everyone,

We have temporarily disabled The Foundry Beta for Star Trek Online on the Tribble test server. Thanks to your testing efforts, we've uncovered some issues with the infrastructure (not specifically Foundry related) which has required us to take this step.

We will re-enable The Foundry Beta for Star Trek Online as soon as we have made the necessary adjustments.

Thank you all for your patience, and awesome testing today!


Just FYI.
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12-03-2010, 02:44 PM
ah yes i remember this. i hope the gods are smiling today

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