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# 1 Contact - ignores me sometimes
12-04-2010, 04:57 PM
When i make a mission and fully test it it works,
Soon as its published sometimes a contact wont work and you cant talk to them.
Anyone know of this and how to fix it?

Also i added some more to a map , but it wont show up on mission , ie i added a few more npcs to talk too but they wont show up when i go into map only the original ones i had laid down?

Even now after edits and resubmissions , the first part of my mission you must report to the uss hampshire but the ship (contact) sometimes will talk to you and sometimes not , seems foundry is long way off release.
Teaming up also seems to break missions.

ps i figured out first problem , how do i increase the radius of a marker please?

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