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Now that Season 3 is about to come online, I figured it's time we put all our collective mines together and say what should be balanced or something that needs to be looked at.

Rules are simple: No criticizing or flaming. If you disagree with someone's idea then post your own idea of "balance". Let's try not to derail this with attacks.


I'll start. The following is of my own personal opinion regarding things that should be looked at for balance.

Klingons are Overpowered?: Technically they are stat-wise, but not performance-wise.

The highly versitile BoP, the Klingon Carriers, and the ability to carry DHCs all are trouble for the Federation. Combined with the ability to cloak gives Klingons a powerful advantage to choose the time and place of the battle. They can unleash leathal surprise attacks, and can hunt down players at will and they wouldn't see them coming.

In short, Klingon Attack >>>> Federation Defense

Even if a Federation player attempts to stay alert and keeps buffing, a cloaked opponent just has to wait for the cooldown and strike. And a point blank DHC attack is deadly against any Federation starship.

The BoP: Combination of Science, Engineering and Tactical all in one makes this by far the most deadly of starships in the game. A BoP by far can easily take down any Federation Starship. So this bird's wings do need "trimmed".

No, I'm not talking Battlecloak nerf, I'm talking about having certian abilities disabled for BoPs like the Photonic Shockwave. The spamming that exists now by these ships is getting really ridiculous. And since only Federation Science Ships are the ones able to use it, it would make things balanced for both sides.

The B'Rel Refit: Now popular as a Blitzkrieger in firing off Tricobalt Torpedos, Tricobalt Mines, and spam the field with Chroniton Torpedos with immunity.

Furthermore there is a bug with this ship that makes all torpedos and mines, invisible.

The new Varanus and Maruader: Popularly known as "Escort Carriers".

These ships easily perform better than their Federation Counterparts by far, so what if they can't cloak, they got NPCs they can spam and clutter the battlefield. On top of it the Maruader's fighters easily disables Federation ships, making them easy targets. And there is no Federation counterpart.

Klingon Carriers: Devs have officially stated the Klingon Carriers "are not overpowered", but many players still disagrees with them, especially those who actually captain these ships (we all seen Zoreana's video). The only way these things go down is with specialized builds, which do not go good in PVP when you are dealing with multiple types of ships.

Those who disagrees they are fine, then by all means create a demo video showing how to "properly take down a Klingon Carrier". Preferabily showing with and without specializations.

NPC Spam:

Tons of Mines, Tons of Fighters, and Starships. This can easily lag players severely and making them easy targets.

Besides, this is Star Trek, not Star Wars.

Mine Abuse:

Mines in general have ridiculously weak warheads and useless in general PvP, with the exception of the Chroniton and the Tricobalt Torpedos.

The Chroniton Mines is among the favorite in PvP in literally spamming the battlefield and due to the sheer numbers of mines, can snare another player, rendering them an easy target. Escorts caught in this is guaranteed dead in seconds.

The Tricobalt Mine is among the most popular methods in PvP in killing another opponent. Tractor Beam them and Drop a Mine and it hits the target. If lucky it takes the target out, if not the 10 second mine stun leaves the player defenseless and an easy target for that duration

More and more people are using this method especially B'Rel Refits who get the benefit with the cloaking bug in having invisible mines and torpedoes.

Resistance Stacking:

This one by far is the most serious and annoying of all imbalances in PvP. A Cruiser with 2 EptS3s with RSF and TSS can easily be invulnerable even with the 75% Shield cap. This also makes PvP frustrating when Teams stack on alike heals in quickly turning a near dead player into a fully restored player.

When abilities were changed months ago, the idea was to encourage more teamwork, but yet it did the opposite and made the strong, stronger, and the weak easier targets due to the lack of knowledge. Which made 1-sided battles much of the way of life in Arena matches.

All it takes is 1 dedicated Cruiser on Healing duty and 4 Escorts. Or a group of science ships with HE2/3 TSS2/3.


C&H Needs to be improved to where CAPs need to be more distant from one another, making roaming fleets and "zerging" less desirable. At the same time, it encourages defense of their CAP points.

New Arenas: New Arenas would be welcome as well. What ever happened to that Space Assault Map? It may have been less popular than C&H, and a little tweeking and it could be interesting.

Suggested Solutions:
  • Federation Starships receieve an appropriate defensive bonus that equals that of the Klingons attack strength. (Federation Escorts (except the Defiant) are highly vulnerable in PvP and typically the first target. They could use a buff to Beam attacks too).

    An alternative to this would be per cannon in which Weapon and Shield power are used for the Cloaking Device, so Weapon power would be similar to shield power when decloaking in which its quickly powered up. This way surprise ambush attacks are much more difficult to achieve. (Emergency Weapon Power or Weapon Batteries would unable to be used during this time).

  • Mines get a general damage buff that makes them hit strongly like Torpedos, but Mine Procs should be tied to weapon skill. So if you want to use Chroniton Mines for the snaring, players need to train in Chronitons. Same goes for Tricobalt Mines. Players need to train in Tricobalt in order to use the mine, else it fizzles upon impact.

  • BoP's in General are not able to use Photonic Shockwave, Photonic Fleet, or Subnucleonic Beam. (All Escorts shouldn't be able to use Photonic Fleet or SNB).
  • The B'Rel-Refit is unable to use Tricobalt Weaponry while the EBC is in use and has an extended decloaking period when dropping regular mines.
  • The Varanus and the Maruader's NPCs are removed from the game.
  • Fleet Support Ships are removed from the game, to prevent imbalances (Especially when Dreadnaughts are summoned).
  • TSS becomes Target-only.
  • Extend Shields's effect is improved, but it affects the player's shields as well (since you are wraping it around that person).
  • Hazzard Emitter's HP regeneration is tweeked
  • Alike Buffs (weither Level 1, 2, or 3) are unstackable. So you can't throw HE1 and HE2 both on a person and both heals that individual

Remember, this is a "Balance" thread, so post YOUR own ideas that should be looked at, not playing the rebuttal game of he says, she says.

And keep it clean, okay?
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# 2
12-05-2010, 10:33 PM
I think balance would be most readily achieved if we remove all of the statistical outliers. Anyone better than or worse than me needs to be banned from playing and then everything will be as it should.

That's my idea of balance.
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# 3
12-06-2010, 12:49 AM
Please keep the thread serious.

Everyone is going to have opinions what needs balanced and it's best everyone voices what they want done so Cryptic doesn't do something crazy.
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# 4
12-06-2010, 01:00 AM
I'm not sure that having this large of a concentration of mimes is a good idea. Most people hate them anyways, Especially that caught in a box routine crap. gives me the W ill ies

Its a bit early to be concerned with balance issues isn't it? Considering the season 3 has not even been released yet. Can I play it first before everybody starts tearing it apart?

Though the opening post looks more anti-klingon than anything else, especially the bottom stuff. WIld-ish claims and key words like "appropiate" , "equal" and more than few things proposed before and that have been mostly disliked players in other threads than this one.

and I am being seriuos.
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# 5
12-06-2010, 01:50 AM
TSS becomes Target-only.
Hazzard Emitter's HP regeneration is tweeked
Alike Buffs (weither Level 1, 2, or 3) are unstackable. So you can't throw HE1 and HE2 both on a person and both heals that individual

The only three points you made that MAKE ANY sense at all. The rest is all junk sorry.
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# 6
12-06-2010, 01:52 AM
Good to see our match yesterday gave you something to do. Now fear the next match you meet me, I might be on a character with snb, sensor scan, dispersal pattern beta and beam fire at will 3.
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# 7
12-06-2010, 02:09 AM
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# 8
12-06-2010, 02:24 AM
Let's clearify this term "Carriers" as VOR'QUV and not ALL CARRIERS. Because let's face it, the OTHER Carrier known as the KAR'FI is no where NEAR in the VOR'QUV's league. Sure it's more maneuverable and can equp Dual/Dual heavy Cannons, but so what? Good, Solid, and sustained Focus Fire kills it much faster then a well prepared Vor'quv.

And honestly, the problem isn't with the VOR'QUV, it's with Resistance Stacking and Buffing as has been stated in different posts all over the forums. The Vor'quv has over 50k in hull, 4k Crew, It can wield Emergency power to shields 3, or Engineering team 3, Transfer Shield Strength 3 or Hazard Emitters 3, Transfer Shield Strength 2 and/or Hazard emitters 2, Polarize Hull (any Level) Aux to Sif, Attack Pattern Delta 2, or Omega 1, the list of Resist and heals the Vor'quv can supply is near as deadly as a CRUISER. And let's not forget, it pays for it, with low Turn rate and high inertia.

So what if the VOR'QUV can spew out pets? Unless the pilot is a complete idiot, however, it can eaisly tank just as well as a Cruiser, while the Cruisers and BoPs and pets do all the damage.

You always hear people use this term "Carriers need a nerf" No, the Vor'quv is the one of the two carriers that has powers, and powers alone, that probobly need some sort of tweeking. The Vor'Quv is fine. The Powers are not.

The Kar'Fi on the other hand, could use a buff. How about the Aceton Field abilities that the Frigates fire off work like I've seen in PVE, when your struck with it, you actually heal the target your fireing on instead of damageing it? Maybe even give the Kar'Fi the special Warp Plasma attack that the PVE Kar'Fi gets as well as it's other Pet Spam that the PVE Kar'Fi gets. Then the Kar'Fi would be a much bigger threat on the battle field and might finally have it's rightful place in the Carrier seat of power.

So finally, remember, don't just blaitiantly spew the word "Carriers" and think that they are all equal. Remember, the Vor'quv is the Science/Tank, and the Kar'Fi is the Escort/Cruiser, if it can even be claimed to be that.
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# 9
12-06-2010, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
TSS becomes Target-only.
Hazzard Emitter's HP regeneration is tweeked
Alike Buffs (weither Level 1, 2, or 3) are unstackable. So you can't throw HE1 and HE2 both on a person and both heals that individual

The only three points you made that MAKE ANY sense at all. The rest is all junk sorry.
Exactly this ^^^^
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# 10
12-06-2010, 02:42 AM
My suggestions:

  • Pets are reduced to 2 waves per bay.
  • Pet Controlpanel added, Attack target, Defend target, Patrol.
  • Pet behaviour control, Aggressive for 20% damage increase, defensive for 20% Speed and Defense increase

  • Photonic Shockwave and Tricobalt devices now all give their targets a 10 second immunity upon expiration
  • Engineering Team and Science Team are reduced to 50% of current values, minor (5-10) resistance added
  • Aux to SIF are reduced to 50% of current value
  • Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strenght are reduced by 25%, resistances increased by 25%
  • Viral Matrix is now countered by Science Team
  • Sub Nucleonic Beam now affects only the 1-3 newest buffs (Aux dependable) and the Cooldown debuff is removed
  • Tactical Team now gives a 10% damage increase and a 10% resistance buff
  • Science Team now have a 15 second proactive Science counter effect.

  • All cloaks are now disabled while under HOT (Hazard Emitters and Transfer Shield Strenght) effects

  • Cannons are slightly reduced in energy drain Dual and Dual Heavy Cannons 8, Turrets 6

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