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# 1 Is it possible
12-08-2010, 06:06 PM
One of the really cool things GMs used to do in the early days of EQ was to do random events for the players. You never knew when or what they would do or where. Everything from randomly taking control of some monsters, beef them up and go on a rampage with them, to actually kidnapping a player's character and holding an open raid to 'rescue' them.

So, is it possible for the devs to do something similar in STO? Not just scripted big events like the upcoming destruction of ESD, but true random events the devs can get together and do whenever they feel like?

It went a long way toward making EQ feel a little more alive, and I think it would for STO as well.
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# 2
12-08-2010, 06:21 PM
The only problem I see with that is instancing. If someone takes over something and goes on a rampage in ESD #1 then everything outside that instance would be out of luck. Now...if they temporarily made it so there was only 1 ESD, that would be pretty sweet.
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# 3
12-08-2010, 06:29 PM
Cryptic has discussed that they have no intentions to hold any events at the moment. But later on as the game progresses they most likey will have events.

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