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i started a new char 2 days ago.

Lt. Kif Kroker reporting in.
And there she is, my shiny new NX-01
funny: in some lighting conditions the Ship looks like the Textures were taken directly from a Comic Book ( KLICK )

First thing i did i popped up the Difficulty Slider and put it on Elite, i know that the difficulty does not affect the first few levels but, as easy as the beginning was for my last 4 FED chars, i wanted some more challenge, i decided to put it on Elite until i noticed that it was too hard.

Well 2 days later, my Ship never exploded and my Char only died when facing the Devidians Health sucking powers... never had to Respawn, though thx to my BOffs who picked me up again.

I will not say that Elite is not hard enough but there are some ballance issues, more to that later.


i got my Devidian Weekly Series Stuff as soon as i hit lvl6 (that makes 3 GOOD guns right at the start).
(AFAIK the Staff is going away today, so it was a priority to burn through that Series ASAP).

I also did 3 runs of Delta Volonis exploration as soon as i was finished with the Tutorial to get me a GREEN Mk II Phaser Turret and Phaser Cannon, intresting how that setup looks almost exactly like the Guns the NX-01 used in Enterprise's Pilot Movie.

PS: nice touch, the Vendor on ESD lists the Mk II Weapons for 77 Marks of Exploration Tier 1, and for one Delta Volonis Run you only get 75 -> 3 runs instead of 2 *argh*.

bought a Mk II Photon Launcher from the Exchange and decided to go with Regenerative Shields since Tier 1 doesn't realy have that much healing power.

High Yield Torp 1, EPTS 1 and Hazard Emitters 1 were my chosen BOff abilities.

I'd also like to note that the NX-01 is the only Tier 1 (or Tier 0 ?) ship with TWO Tactical Console Slots.
Which means i FINALLY can use both my Automated Plasma Defense Turret AND my Phaser Sattelite Turret together for the first time!

A 10 Minute Cooldown on the Phaser Sattelite Turret is a litte extreme though... why not make that 2:30?
Even the NPC's shoot it down if your'e not carefull to keep the aggro on yourself.

The grappling Hook is more of a visual feature it doesn't realy do much in battle but it's a nice touch.

So after only 2 days (more like afternoons) of Playtime i am Lt 10, just a few more XP to go until i turn in my Keys of the NX-01 and move on.... yes that is right... 800 C-Points for 2 afternoons only to not have to see the Miranda AGAIN.

The Elite difficulty realy wasn't there yet, thx to 3 times Delta Volonis and the Devidian Series i outranked the content allready ( i am still doing Lt. 5 missions as Lt. 10 !!! ).

Changing those old Missions to be level agnostic, (like the Weekly Series) realy has to happen sooner then later.
We have the Mission Replay feature now and FED Content is outleveled so fast that on Elite it just feels like *normal*.

I did one Lt 10 Patrol Mission and the difficulty was just right on Elite (well as right as you would expect it. I will not go into the details about the Elite difficulty imballance issues ...this time)

My Ship never was in any danger of getting killed but it took forever to get the Shields of that Nausicaan Mothership down (think 50 photon torps + cooldown), also the Undine Dreadnought in the one Episode Mission was a good hard fight, more of that please!

The Dilemma here is that you either outrank the missions too fast or you go into Elite Missions without good gear because if you only concentrate on doing the Episodes and Patrols you end up not getting the good green gear from Exploration or PvP.
If you get sidetracked you Outrank everything.

And to put some creme freshe on top of it all the 300 day veteran reward gives me "A 4% Captain and Officer Skill Point Boost up to Lieutenant Commander 6."....

oh boy... thanx! i outrank the content 4% faster then everybody else, thats nice
i'd rather would have a 4% slowdown ;P

I think i'm gonna keep my NX-01 ship until i get to missions that i realy can't beat with it, just for the heck of it. Seen all the Tier 1 ships anyway and it would be intresting to see how the NX-01 handles with Mk IV gear.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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I'd be happier to make a new character if I didn't have to fly the Miranda during the tutorial then switch to the Connie or the NX-01 for the next levels.

Eventually they probably will make the early missions scale to your level. Right now you have to mostly do those since doing too many other things makes you outlevel the content. I have characters that have a ton of those missions sitting undone because that character was farming anomalies doing exploration missions instead of the storyline. You can do a little of everything else without it being a problem, just don't do too many of anything except missions in a row until you level up.

I don't feel Elite is really hard, I just think it makes missions take a lot longer since the enemies have absurd amounts of hitpoints. I don't actually like needing 50 torpedoes to finish off one ship. If the rewards were noticeably worth it I'd do it more often. Of course on ground you can get screwy with some mobs that one shot your whole party, so I quit doing ground on Elite before I quit doing space at that level. Hopefully devs will fix that problem when they update the rest of it.

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