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Hello, STO Community. It is my first contribution, but i think i have a lot to tell and suggest.

First thing i've always wanted but never thought to be a good moment to speak about is the following...

While the in-space warp travels are eye-candy, it is always fun (at least for me) to be able to visit the ship interiors. It would be a good incentive to players to go inside a bit and things about that.

My idea is to enable players to continue their plotted course when they are inside the ship. For an example: my mission's assigned destination is very far from where i am now. I can press M then plot the course while in space and then let the ship take its course. But, it would be cool, to visit the ship interior, and continue to travel while you're inside.

Some other additional stuff would be cool: while inside the ship, there could be some consoles that would allow you to perform basic tasks when relatively in-space. For an example: you are under way to a far solar system, but you decided to join a friend, and to skip the whole process of going back to tactical view, plotting the new course then going back in, it could be possible to just walk in front of the operations main console and open an interaction screen similar to the one you get when you press M.

Another little trick would to an enormous difference in interior experience: while you are traveling at warp speed and inside your ship, the main viewer could show the current animation and systems passing by the ship, giving the feeling of actually be moving. And, if you could sit at the captain's chair and give those commands, that would be cool as well.

Ok, so this is it. This is what i bring and i would be more inclined to continue playing STO if these little things were added.

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