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# 1 Out of game content
12-09-2010, 08:58 AM
Ok I am returning to the game out of my love for Sci-Fi, being a life time subscriber from the get-go I get to jump in and out anytime the servers are running ;-)

I have been playing Klingon mostly, though I have VA fed toon as well.

I like many of the changes that have happened while I was gone, seem that some (not all) of the bugs have been fixed.

I am enjoying the game, and will continue to play. There are some long-term things I would think help the game out.

But my concern is the “out of game community” or meta-game, I mean in game I see some chat and the like, but I am talking about the stuff like these forums and the other extras that take place out of game.
Take the “Captain Database” for instance, it has been boorked with broken images for as long as I can remember, also where is the official iPhone app like the champions online side? I would love to see this expanded to some as extensive as the WoW armory. Nice to see the Captains Ship/load out, his skills, his BOs (especially if the introduce First officer, chief medical officer, and chief Eng positions). A web based 3d view of the ship would be nice too.

The inclusion of a web based way to manage your market would be nice as well. Heck just a “repost listing” from the webmail interface would be nice.

Also something that I always wanted to see; web based fleet chat that is both on the web and in game, to chat with the fleet while at work would be kinda neat.

Also this one is real vanity, for promotional reasons why not create 3d screensaver that allows for a ship that flies around a one of the very beautifully done planet scenes in the game, I know I would downloaded it and use it ;-)

I understand that these are rather difficult to implement, I was just thinking about some ways to enjoy the game out of the game like some other game do.

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