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I thought I'd start to make a list of some minor changes I'd like to see in the game. These are just little things that would make the game a little more fun, IMO. Feel free to add to the list:

1: Ship naming. This one's a big pet peeve of mine. Players want the A, B, C, whatever in their ship registry number to mean something but it's not taken into account on the player's ship inventory list. That means players have to name their ships USS Sahara A, NCC 981740 rather then USS Sahara, NCC 971740 A in order to show continuation and be allowed to have 2 ships of the same name. A small coding change, I assume it might be small - but it might be large, to allow the ship inventory to recognize that USS Sahara NCC 981740 is different then USS Sahara NCC 981740 A would be very nice.

2: Unified ship purchase system. Players are all over the place trying to decide if they're supposed to be picking up a ship from the Shipyard Store or from the C-Store, and the whole unlocking process is a big pain. One unified system would be great. If you bought it from the C-Store it's simply waiting in the Shipyard Store for you to pick up at no charge. It's the same process whether it's an NX or TOS Connie or whether it's a Excelsior or Galaxy Retrofit. One system to work across the whole process.

3: Unified ship skin system. If you buy a ship skin it should show up as a whole ship in the Ship Tailor on the left side. So if I buy a Nomad skin it should be a choice on the left side of the Ship Tailor just as Avenger, Vanguard, and Emissary are. It shouldn't just be in the random piece section. I should just be able to click on Nomad and get the whole Nomad.

4: Option to turn of redundant verifies. For every one time I make a clicking mistake there's probably 500 times I didn't. I'd like to have an option to turn off the verify click. If I want to leave a system or planet then yes, I want to leave it. I don't want to have to verify that I want to leave it a second or third time. If I click enter Sol it means enter Sol. I'd rather live with the occasional mistake then all the non-mistake verifies.

5 Costume pieces recognize my status. I want the game to know I have Vet and Purchase Rewards from the moment I click make a new character. I don't want to have to go to the Tailor after I make a character to get my LTS badge or Future Ent command pin. The game should just know I own these things and have them as choices at Char-gen.

I had a couple of more but I forgot them while I was hurriedly typing these. All add them as I remember them.

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