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# 1 The Fly in the ointment...
12-18-2010, 01:37 AM
So yesterday we had an amusing game, with one small issue. First the good.

Me and a couple of friends all piled round mine and set up a LAN (more useful to yell instructions across the room than over the net ). The First mission we ran was Collateral Damage, where I faced off against self levitating Borg. I was at the top of the Borg building blocks firing down at the Borg 30m away. They Jumped up the side of the block to get at me! it was equally fun Butt Stroking them off the edge again.. it was sort of like a giant game of Whack a Borg.

Anyway after doing that mission and a quick food break, we decided to run Past Imperfect. The aim was to get the Type 1 phaser. As we where all Vice admirals we decided to balance the game, by setting it to elite, and taking our runabouts (mine going by the name USS 2001, yes that's very a geeky joke). On the Ground we decided to go for Melee attacks only, and no Bat'lefs.

Equally to avoid contaminating the time Line we used Photon torpedo's and Blue TOS Phasers. And so the fun began. One thing I did find out is that Evasive manoeuvres on a Runabout is actually rather hairy and alarming, especially in an asteroid field.

Then came the big space battle in the past, and my Runabout making like a small 3 door car, that has a planet dropped on it. One highlight was one of my colleagues realising he was about ot die, yelling "BANZAI!" and engaging ramming speed to try and take out one of the D-7's. Missing and hitting me instead.

I'd made one critical mistake, I was had no spare parts with me. By the end of this fight I had roughly 20 Serious permanent injuries on my runabout. I suspect it was just my Hero field holding her together. One of us did offer to sell me the parts to repair my new ship, but in a conversation reminiscent of one off top gear he was asking for large sums of money (something to do with me charging to train one of his BO's a few weeks back).

Space stage finally over we got onto the ground stage. Everyone in their historical Uniforms (apart from one guy in a FBI/CIA suit), and we charged the first mob. Our lecherous Vulcan managed to trip the second group of Klingons as well. This meant we had two large groups of hostile's, most wielding bat'lefs and us trying to smack them about a bit. It gave a whole new meaning to the term "Tank and spank"!

Anyway in the middle of all this frantic key hammering, agent Lynch declares we need some music! and zips off to Youtube. Now imagine, 20 odd klingons, (a couple pinned up against the wall while we whale on them) and 5 Starfleet types, when This starts blaring out.

Anyway much fun was had, the mission was finished. Now "where is the problem? It all sounds very jolly and enjoyable" I hear you ask?
Well it came after the mission we're sitting in Sector space deciding where we want to go next, when a Player starts spamming all three of us with Challenge requests, despite us asking him nicely to knock it off. there appears to be no way to block such an individual and/or report them?
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# 2
12-18-2010, 02:33 AM
Doesn't ignore block all interaction?
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# 3
12-18-2010, 08:07 AM
That's Gamma Orionis and what the STF's did to it Once the borg set comes out, you can be sure that it will be worse. It will clog chat up anyways.

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