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Just finished building my first mission. Unholy Alliances I .

I'm glad the alot of the stability issues that I had experienced last weekend are a thing of the past. I didn't use the autosave this time, but I didn't need too either. I was scared that it would break my mission again, like it did last weekend. however, I did notice that the preview worked everytime I tried using it. That's fantastic. I successfully published my mission, a whole minute faster than last weekend (two minutes this time).

i played through it and that's when the bugs started appearing. my crew members kept getting stuck on the hatchways, on the tables, and other aspects of the map. These were components of the original map, not features that I had added.

Additionally, when i did have my boffs together, we were all able to shoot through walls and around corners.

Finally, I had specified the default text on several NPCs that I had placed on the map in cages. After interacting with the cages, I noticed that I was missing the prompt from the NPC to speak their default text. I forgot to check to see if they had spoken directly to chat. but I did not see the text bubble over their heads either. I saw it work last weekend on a preview run. But this time, i didn't see it in the preview, nor after it was published. If it helps, the mission requires you to interact with cages, while fighting groups of npcs. I was hoping that the default text could be accessed after interacting with the cage.

Now, i'm off to test some other missions before getting to work on my next mission.
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# 2 Play thought
12-12-2010, 05:46 AM
Play thought my own maps and have bugs. Nothing I can do about them. Stuff like mobs falling thought ground and mob firing thought walls are common ones. The timing for NPCs to say something seem off as well. work fine in play thought tell publish it and they do not.
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# 3
12-13-2010, 09:16 AM
I've been working on my second mission over the weekend. I've got the basic structure of the mission nearly complete. I went back to the project tab to update my description when I noticed that the alliegance was set to Starfleet. I checked the drop down list and noticed that the option to create a faction neutral mission, a mission that both Klingons and Federation players can take, is missing. What happened to it? The series of missions that I am working on is supposed to be faction neutral. So, now it appears that I will have to create the mission twice, once for Starfleet, and again for the KDF. I don't like this. Please bring back the faction neutral option under allegiance.

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