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12-18-2010, 01:00 AM
Been here since beta and before, and im still fleetless, im yet to find one that doesn't irate me, but i might as well have a go, there are certain things i look for, not because im snobby, just because if its anything alse im liable to get irritated, narcy and sarcastic. what a group needs is

an Adult age range, im 27 years old, kids are all well and good, but i do try to escape them (and no 14 isnt an adult, heck 16 isnt an adult, i dont enjoy hearing about how your teacher is boring etc) added that i like common ground with others i socialise with.

a complete and total lack of RP, there is no way im ever calling you sir/maam. so get that thought right out of your head. it'd be a cold day in hell before that happens. im RNGD to the core, and my days in SWG and totally "roughing" up JEDL really puts me off it. (which also means if you want me to fill out essays and huge app forms, you can keep them! i have better things to do then fill out paperwork akin to my tax return, like washing my hair!)

Very openminded, i have no prejudices (actually im projudice of Rp'ers) per se' nor do i like them, i like to be myself and be around people who are happy to be themselves without fear of insults/persecution and hate mongering, if anything that irritates me as much as RP'ers do.

an active uk timezone would help. i like in south west england, an all american fleet isnt gonna work for me, but i would also like a sizable fleet, one where everyone doesnt depend on me being around 24/7 been there done that, miffed me right off that did.

what you get, hmmm, i have a few vice admirals, im reputed as being an excellent healer in stf's, plus my tac is well geared and i know what im doing most times, (i have the misfortune to attract those who lack brain cells when i try to pug a STF, its incredibly irritating, dont mind teaching, so long as you do as your told and not ignore me. thanks!) im extremley open minded, (just dont start spouting god/religion church stuff at me and we will get on great!) i really dont care what colour you are what gender or whom you sleep with (nor do i want to know the nitty gritty details at all either!) i like to give off an aura that encourages people to be normal about themselves around me, i wont tollerate people being scared to be themselves. (insofar that online gaming does "Normal"). as you have prolly figured out i have a narcy sense of humour often and im very straight forward and to the point, but im quite a cherful and chatty person, i make friends easily, my friends list is huge! i have to keep notes as to who they all are, that can be a challenge, getting 20 tells the instant i log in. i dont mind banter, in fact i quite enjoy it, and i dont offend at all easily normally, unless of course you start saying "Thats Gay" or "whys be so gay" etc etc, that is guaranteed to really annoy me. but otherwise im pretty good with it all. if you mess up, il tell you, but il also try and teach you how to do it right, but if im continually ignored and you still mess up im liable to get irritated.

There we go.
im nice really, i just can't stant self rightous, narrowminded fools who don't listen. did i mention that im also a really nice person normally, inbetween getting chemo and radiology for cancer, im suprised im as plesant as i am.
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12-18-2010, 01:11 AM
Well, if you are interested, you could give my fleet a try. It is the Federation Defense Fleet. We are a bit smaller (about 15-20 active players) and we are very social. We've got a site ( and some of us use a GSC voice chat. However, no one is required to register with the site or use the chat. The only thing is that most of our guys are US based, but we do have a few players in Europe.

If you're still interested or have any questions, just let me know in-game at akalayus@akalayus.
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12-18-2010, 12:48 PM
I'm looking for people like you that I can create my own fleet with:
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12-18-2010, 02:24 PM
And we have a winner, the unrepented.

thanks all.
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12-18-2010, 03:22 PM
Another win for the U!
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12-18-2010, 06:16 PM
I believe that the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix might just be what you are looking for. We are a mature fleet that really doesnt RP at all. We have a TeamSpeak 3 server that you are more than welcomed to join and talk with a few of our members to get a feel of what we are like.

We are a multi-gaming fleet also, but currently our main games are STO and Pirates of the Burning Seas.

You can visit our website to see more information(and get our TS3 info).

I hope that we have everything that you are looking for.

Captain Kyle Brown
RPHX STO Division CO
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12-19-2010, 01:23 AM
Hope you have fun with the new fleet!

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